Wind Waker Ganondorf up for preorder

You can preorder the regular for $250 or the exclusive for $270. The edition size for both is TBD and collectors can rest easy knowing they'll have room to display these because the Wind Waker line is 1/6th scale.

First 4 Figures reveals Modern Super Sonic

Revealed at the Weston Super Sonic convention. Preorders set to open sometime this year.

PlayStation 4 limited edition round-up

The first 6 are Disgaea 5 themed systems. There are 3 designs available in either black or white. First up is the Prinny design, there's also a male and female design.

Next up is a red and black Final Fantasy Type-0 Suzaku edition. Set for release on March 19th and as usual with most cool special editions, this one is Japan only.

Finally is a special China only Dragon edition to commemorate the launch of the PS4 in China.

Disgaea 5 via Hardcore Gamer
Final Fantasy via Dual Shockers
China Dragon via Kotaku

Toon Ganondorf Statue preorders open Tuesday

Toon 'dorf

New Zelda Windwaker Series in-coming, starting with Ganondorf! Pre-orders go live Tuesday 20th Jan 2015 only at! This is a new range so all new low numbers are available. See you then!

As usual, a live countdown will be happening on their Facebook page. See you then and good luck getting a low number!

Koopa and Kinopio Kontrollers Koming to Kyoto...


...and pretty much everywhere else in Japan. Set for release March 12 for 3,619¥. It's unknown if these will be heading stateside as we're still waiting on the Yoshi remote.

With re-sellers snatching up Amiibos and the recently announced Majora's Mask New 3DS, I suggest pre-ordering ASAP.

Get a Majora's Mask pin when you pre-order Codename STEAM

Pre-order Codename S.T.E.A.M. at Gamestop and get a Majora's Mask pin as a bonus. Cause that makes sense.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition

A gorgeous limited edition Majora's Mask New Nintendo 3DS XL was announced today along with the announcement that the system will launch on Feb. 13th. Get your F5 key ready . . . because nobody has it up for pre-order yet.

Super Mario Amiibo is your next set of Amiibo

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Toad make up this set . . . so far. Announced for the compatibility for Mario Party 10, this set will obviously have many other uses. Smash Bros. Amiibo can be used in MP10, but data must be deleted. Meh. Toad will also be retroactively compatible with Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Yay!

Amiibo Wave 4, and a happy announcement

Robin (male version), Lucina, Pac-Man, Wario, Ness, and Charizard make up this round. Also, Bill Trinnen let slip that Marth, at the very least, would be re-released later this year. So, don't go spending over $100 just yet!

GE Animation bringing Zero and a Proto Man hooded blanket to their Mega Man line

GE Animation just announced their X plush, and now Zero will join him. Both look great in plush form. Also announced was a Proto Man blanket with his helmet stitched into it to make it like a hoodie . . . blanky . . . thing. Is this the start of a new fad?

via Rockman Corner

Nintendo releases Ambassador edition New 3DS in Europe


Nintendo has been quiet on a release date for the New Nintendo 3DS & New Nintendo 3DS XL release dates here in North America and Europe. However Europe getting a special edition before its official release and is available to select Club Nintendo members £180. Prices for the system are already rising on eBay.

Are these unpainted Mario suction cup toys really worth over $50?

Well, that is what NCSX is selling them for. For that price, they come in a display case and apparently you get two full sets, but it's still pretty steep. The manufacturer, Hasepuro, will also have them for individual sale, but no mention of whether they will be blind packaged or just regularly presented. Weird that a set like this would need a display case. They seem like cheap ticket-booth prizes.

Okami clock from the Capcom Store is cute cute cute

This clock from Okamiden features the twelve celestial brush gods at each position on the clock. Notice the brush is the hour hand as well!
Here for around $125

While you're there, check out the barrel mugs and almost life-size cushion for around $75.

Why is it that Capcom is only focusing on merch for their best games and not actual titles? Mega Man and Okami continue to get merch, but no game love. /rant

via NintendoTweet

Mario and Luigi 8-bit alarm clocks

Taito is releasing both Mario and Luigi in their NES iterations as LED alarm clocks. The function buttons are Question blocks, and the actual alarm features the Super Mario Bros. theme, of course. NCSX wants their normal $23.90 per item, coming in May.

via NCSX

Auction Crawler

Been pretty sparse lately, but the new year brings new opportunities. There are some good lots this round, including the above, which also comes with a rare SMW board game. All for 200 yen!
Rare Mario Stationary stamp set. Comes with bonus SMW board game. - 200yen, 6 days.

Huge lot of Mario stuff - 1yen, 1 day. Some broken or missing items, but seems like a great lot anyway! And for 1 YEN!
RC Mario on Yoshi - 1500yen, 5 days.
Painted LoZOoT figure (Morpha) - 4000yen, 2 days. 7000yen BIN.
Yoshi in Egg toy SMW - 1500yen, 2 days. 2000 BIN.
Rare Bowser plush keychain - 1500yen, 3 days.
Club Nintendo Mario Pin set of 4 - 8000yen, 4 days.
Metal Mario SM64 model kit - 2000yen, 3 days.

Majora's Mask has several Limited Editions

GAME in the UK has it's own LE that will come with a poster, steelbook, and a pin, and are offering a paperweight to those ordering the regular version.
However, now NORTH AMERICA has it own LE, and it will contain a Skull Kid figure seen above.

Wow. Let's hope this becomes a trend.

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Yoshi wind-up figures are likely the last figure announcement of 2014

Takara TOMY Arts has released this image for a figure set you can wind up and watch walk around. Apparently, he also bobs his head. Comes in six different colors. These will be sold randomly in likely blind packaging sometime in April 2015.

via NCSX

First 4 Figures reveals Dracula from Castlevania

First 4 Figures have just teased us with a bunch of images from new statues on their Facebook page, with suspected statues including Lan Di from Shenmue, Phoenix Wright, an Arwing from Star Fox, Zero from Mega Man X, and Toon Ganondorf.
Today, they opened pre-orders for the first statue in their brand new Castlevania line. Dracula from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 sits on a huge throne. Huge being 18" tall and costing $285. There is an exclusive version that includes a swappable hand holding a chalice for $15 more. There are 750 of the regular and only 425 of the exclusive worldwide. Expect it Q3 2015.


Jakks lets loose the a flood of Nintendo merch in 2015

Wow. In 2015 we're talking Fox, Samus, Skull Kid, Zelda Micro Land, Toon Ganondorf, and those are just the highlights! Take a look, then hit the break for PICS!

Wave 2 (coming April 2015):

  • 4″ Blue Toad
  • 4″ Luigi
  • 4″ Diddy Kong
  • 4″ Samus (in Metroid Prime style)
  • 6″ Metroid
  • 6″ Toon Ganondorf

Wave 3 (coming July 2015):

  • 4″ Fire Mario (with Fire Flower accessory)
  • 4″ Goomba (with a Coin accessory)
  • 4″ Peach (with a Crown accessory)
  • 4″ Fox McCloud (with an Arwing accessory)
  • 6″ Yoshi
  • 6″ Skull Kid (from Majora’s Mask)

Wave 4 (coming August 2015):

  • 4″ Tanooki Mario (with Tanooki Leaf accessory)
  • 4″Samus in Gravity Suit (with Morph Ball accessory)
  • 4″ Shy Guy (with propeller accessory)
  • 4″ Fire Luigi (with Fire Flower accessort)
  • 4″ Ocarina of Time Link (with Hylian Shield accessory)
  • 6″ Piranha Plant
  • 6″ Metal Bowser OR Dry Bowser

Hit the break for those pics.

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