SK Japan released these mini keychain plushes to make the world cuter

SK Japan just keeps running with their Kirby license. New mini plushes featuring Meta Knight, King Dedede, and some pink guys have been released.

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Mario Bottle cap toppers

Apparently this trend is a big deal in Japan. Topping your bottled drink with a little character to show your passion is a fun idea, but I can't imagine it's that practical. Well, whoever said trends were practical?
Takara Tomy ARTS is coming out with a set that sort of spoofs the trend. Capping a bottle cap with Mario's and Luigi's hats. Neat idea, especially with choice of hats. All coming from New Super Mario Bros. 2, the set features raccoons, foxes, gold, silver, fire, and regular hats. These will be in gashapon machines in Japan in December.

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Pikmin bendable keychains marks first merch appearance or Rock and Pink Pikmin

Ulalacube has some Pikmin 3 bendable keychains coming out in December. The only way to order them right now is through a pre-order on AmiAmi for a box of 12 packs. There are five types . . . and one secret. This marks the first time we've seen Pink and Rock Pikmin in merchandise. Anyone care to speculate what the secret will be? Discuss in the forums.

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Paper Mario die-cut blankets

Furyu, a newcomer to the Mario license, is offering these character-shaped blankets from the Paper Mario series. Mario and Super Mushroom are featured in the set. These are pretty sizable, with Mario being around 40". I wonder how they will be packaged.

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Mega Man 25th Anniversary statues arriving broken

Due to the poor packaging of the Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue, many are arriving broken. It appears that Mega Man X's arm has to much wiggle room, and therefore cannot really survive shipping. The Capcom Store did get back to me. You can see their response after the break. Rockman Corner has some ideas on getting a replacement. I'm following the same tactics outlined in that post. I got a response from both of the reps there and they say they will contact customer service on my behalf for a replacement. That was a quick turnaround! Good luck out there for anyone who is in the same predicament.

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Zelda Blik Wall Decals now available

If you haven't heard about Blik, they are removable wall decals. There are 8 variations and will cost you $37 plus shipping from

Shut up and take my rupees!

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Luigi gets the day off for Nintendo World event

Being the Year of Luigi, the green guy has been as busy as ever busting ghosts and saving Peach. On August 25th, Nintendo World Store gave him a little break for his birthday celebration, which included gifts, cake and friendly competition. The event started at noon, but everyone in line who got there early got a foam Luigi hat or a Mario Kart Luigi flag. Upon entering, fans were entered into a raffle for Luigi plushes and special Luigi 30th anniversary T-shirts. There was also a New Super Luigi U speed running challenge, in which the top three times were awarded with a Year of Luigi coin. The highlight of the event was the cake cutting ceremony, during which they had Luigi come out next to his cake and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' (video after the break via kirbygcn17 on Youtube ).
It was another great Nintendo World Store event and it was a lot of fun to celebrate Luigi with a ton of other fans.

More balance game stages, this time for New Super Mario Bros. 2

Epoch has touched on something special with these balance game stages. This, the second set in what is now a series, focuses on New Super Mario Bros. 2. Plenty of coins are strewn about the small play field, and several characters try to keep you from balancing things.

Coming late September.

Air Stage (A)
Castle Stage (B)

30th Anniversary Capcom items for late November

A Capcom 30th Anniversary handkerchief featuring Mega Man or Arthur and an acrylic pixelated Mega Man keychain, Ryu keychain, or Gargoyle popped up on AmiAmi for pre-order. There are also mugs, various shirts with many pixelated Capcom characters adorning each, iPhone covers, and puzzles. The mugs and shirts have 80s and 90s designs that are totally sweet. Why are you still here?

To see it all, type "Capcom" into AmiAmi. See more after the break.

Choco-Egg Mario figures return with New Super Mario Bros. U

Some of the best Mario figures to be made come from the Furuta sets of choco-egg figures. We got so many characters we never had figures of from these sets.
Now, Furuta is continuing the line with figures from New Super Mario Bros. U. The set is very traditional, with color swaps of two figures (Flying Squirrel Yellow and Blue Toads and Blue and Pink Baby Yoshis), a power-up on a block (the Acorn), and an enemy we've never had a figure of before (Boom-Boom). The only other Boom-Boom figure I've seen is from an unpainted set from SMB3.

A case (10 random boxes) can be pre-ordered from AmiAmi for a late October release.

Thanks Melda and Valendorf!

Plushes of DOOM

How do you make something of unspeakable horror cute? Plushify it! That is just what Gaming Heads is doing with the Doom license. Taking the monsters that would otherwise be nightmare fuel and making them cuddly. Out now in America with other regions following late next month. $14.99 each!

Pain Elemental

New Super Mario Bros. U mini gashapon games

Straight from Yujin comes these mini gashapon games featuring scenes from New Super Mario Bros. U. Mazes, pinball games, balance games, and ball catchers. Most measure around 2-3 inches in length. In gashapon machines in Japan currently.

Gearbox announces Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter statues

At PAX Prime over last weekend, Gearbox showed off a Zer0 prototype. This will be the first in a line of premium statues.

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McDonald's gets a round of great toys in Italy

You'd think that Mario and friends might be offensive stereotypes in Italy, but apparently they embrace them just like the rest of us. McDonald's Happy Meals will feature several poses of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, and DK. Out now!

Thanks nfalax!

Ganondorf figure comes with Special Edition Wind Waker

I've always wanted this iteration of Ganondorf to get a figure. He's so huge and ominous in Wind Waker. His evil is slightly diminished because he is encased in a dome, but they did give him swords. He may escape!
Available at Gamestop for $54.99 and a special boxing of the game. $5 more than the regular version! $5! Go pre-order!

2nd batch of Animal Crossing New Leaf plushes

ac:nl 2nd wave

Found for preorder at AmiAmi. Set for release in September and includes:

Isabelle aka Shizue
Timmy / Tommy Shop Version
Timmy / Tommy Convenience Store
Fauna (?)

If anyone can name the deer, feel free to sound off in the forums.

Kirby is such a fashionista

Kirby wears lot of hats. Hero, friend, mascot, bomber, cutter, beam, whipmaster. Now, you can accessorize Kirby with this new plush set. There are two "starter kits" that give you a Kirby plush and either Mic or Sword ability accessories. Then buy Cutter, Beam, Whip, or Bomb accessories to swap out. Starters are starting (heh) at 2750 yen, and the hat packs are 940 yen. Pretty sweet idea from San-ei. Coming in November.

Special edition Wind Waker Wii U headed to the US

se wii u

It appears that just the Gamepad is customized. I see some of the design wearing off after continued use.

  • 32GB flash memory
  • $\$350 USD$300
  • Release date: September 20th

Update: Price changed to $300 and changed release date. Includes a digital copy of Wind Waker HD and a digital Hyrule Historia.

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Prepare to procure a plushified Protoman

Proto plush

Available in late October in your local comic / collectibles shop.

From Rockman Corner via AAA Anime

San-ei breaks open the dam and sets forth a Mario plush flood

Hold onto your wallets! San-ei Boeki has just released 31 different plushes with several different types to attack your bank account. Let's run through them.

Regular plushes:
Banzai Bill (larger) (¥2,750)
¥1,410 each:
Monty Mole
Buzzy Beetle
Mecha Koopa
¥1,960 each:
Mario (8 inch)
Yoshi (8 inch)
¥1570 each:
Larry Koopa
Morton Jr. Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Roy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa

Strap plushes (¥940 each):
Shy Guy
Bullet Bill

Zip bag plushes (¥940 each):
Chain Chomp

Holder plushes (¥1,960 each):
Mario with Pipe
Luigi with Coin Block
DK with Barrel

Luigi's Mansion:
Luigi (¥1,570)
Scared Luigi (¥1,570)
Polterpup (¥940)

All found at AmiAmi who has discounts on each one for pre-order. These will be released in early December. Merry Christmas Mario plush fans! Hit the break for bigger pics of each.