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Super Mario Figurine Collection - Pink Yoshi

By SoulDreamX - Posted on 05 October 2011

blueyoshiboxback.jpg3yoshis.jpgpinkyoshi_back.jpgpinkyoshi_side.jpgSuper Mario Figurine Collection - Pink Yoshi
Large Figure
Character Name: 
Pink Yoshi
Series Name: 
Super Mario Bros.
Goldie Marketing (Global Holdings)
Release Type: 
North America (USA and Canada)
In 2007, Banpresto released the Pink Yoshi 5" Sofubi figure in Japan (as part of Super Mario Character Figure Collection 3). Four years later, the figure made its North American debut thanks to a joint effort between Banpresto and Global Holdings. The figure pictured here is the North American version, which shares a mold with its Japanese counterpart, but tends to have an inferior paint job. While this figure is official merchandise, the poor paint job may make it easy to confuse with the bootleg version of this figure. 2011 marks the introduction of this large Pink Yoshi figure to North America along with a Light Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, and Wario, which all had a prior Japanese release. The set also included a re-release of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Green Yoshi, which had been sold in the North American market since 2008, though this marks a shift from blister packaging to box packaging for these figures. The Yoshi figures all feature slight articulation at the neck, arms, and legs.
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