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Pokemon Update 12/16/11

By Natendo - Posted on 16 December 2011

Another slow Pokemon merch week, but a couple new Pokemon Center sheets have been released since the last post. A few pieces/sets are on each of the sheets, so here's what we got:

-Pokemon Black/White starter pillow plushes
-Pikachu Valentine's merch
-New 3rd generation Pokemon merch

Pokemon Rush after the break for more pics and info!

Pillow plushes seem to be popular among the young'uns these days, and the craze has spread to the Pokemon world. The set consists of the three Black/White starters (Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig) made into lengthy (47 cm!) plushes fit to sleep upon. Also on the sheet above is a new set of Pikachu merchandise, which appears to be Valentine's Day themed. The set includes some new plushes, coins, Pikachu tail straps and a frame.

For whatever reason, there has been quite a bit of new 3rd generation Pokemon merch, with even more shown in one of Pokemon Centers latest fliers. Some of the new merch includes Gulpin and Wailord plushes, figure straps, ear buds, computer mouse skins and a tote bag.

And that concludes another week of Pokemon Update; check back next week for more Pokemon merch news!