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Pokemon Update 11/11/11

By Natendo - Posted on 11 November 2011

Only a few new sets/pieces this week, with not a single one being a Pokemon Center exclusive! Check out this week's merch:

-Japan Stamp Hunt event merch
-Metal Pokemon tokens/figures
-Pokemon Black/White battle tops

Catch more pics and info after the break.

Tokyo recently hosted a Pokemon stamp hunt event in which fans would visit some of the city's landmarks, one being the Tokyo Tower, to receive a Pokemon themed stamps. At the end of the day, participants received prizes depending on the number of stamps they received. The prizes included a Victini paper hat (1 stamp), Victini card (3 stamps), Pokemon clear file (4 stamps) and a coupon redeemable at Pokemon Center stores. We need more events like this over here in North America!

Next up are these battle tops featuring Black/White Pokemon, which uses the three 'weather' legendaries. Each top comes with a launcher and has a sticker of a Pokemon on the top, but unfortunately, the tops do not vary in design.

Closing out this week are these metal Pokemon Black/White tokens and figures. It looks like the Terrakion, Cobalion and Virizion are the 'legendaries' in the set, but it appears that the complete set is quite large with many Pokemon being used.

That wraps this one up. Come back same time, same place next week for more Pokemon merch news!