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Final Fantasy Creatures Vol. 3 - Diamond Weapon

By Sephiroth_2487 - Posted on 27 August 2011

Final Fantasy Creatures Vol. 3 - Diamond Weapon
Small Figure
Character Name: 
Diamond Weapon
Series Name: 
Final Fantasy
Game Association: 
Final Fantasy VII
Release Type: 
North America (USA and Canada)
Unsure of rarity
Game System Association: 
Sony Playstation 1
The Final Fantasy Creatures series has some of the best and most unique figures I’ve seen from the franchise. The Diamond Weapon here is a perfect example of the level of quality and detail that goes into casting one of these. Sold in a blister pack along with Seymour Evolution from FFX, it is part of Volume 3 of the Creatures series and was released in 2003. Other figures in this series included Bahamut Zero from FFVII, Cerberus from FFVIII, Death Gaze and Gilgamesh from FFIX, Sin and Yunalesca from FFX, Dark Dragon from FFXI, and a secret FFX-2 Rikku figure. With no assembly required, this is the perfect play and display figure for any Final Fantasy fan to own.

Needs Review

By nightram - Posted on 08 March 2012

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