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Year of Luigi continues with a Club Nintendo Soundtrack release

Club Nintendo Japan, the one with all the cool stuff, is releasing a Luigi-only soundtrack featuring tracks from games featuring him. 400 coins gets people the disc, or less if they bought some Luigi games recently.

via Tiny Cartridge

Pokemon X and Y Limited Edition 3DS XLs

I don't normally report on Limited Editions from Japan because they are so hard to get, and quite expensive. However, these were too gorgeous to pass up. And yes, they are technically 3DS LL's because they are in Japan. Only Japan. They get stuff like this too. Not fair.

Mad DK

Buy them at your favorite place to buy import hardware! Good luck wallets!

Capcom goodies at SDCC 2013

Drool fest at the San Diego Comic Con this year! Especially for Mega Man fans! An inflatable Arm Cannon, a stainless steel pixelated Mega Man keychain, and a 25th Anniversary case for your 3DS (or 3DSXL). There is also an Umbrella Corporation watch (Resident Evil), a poster set in a Capcom tube, and STreet Fighter goodies.
Check them out at Capcom-Unity!

Mario Tissue Box Covers and Calculators

Hasepro is new to the Mario license, but they are off and running. These recently announced tin tissue box covers and calculators allow you to show your Mario love in non-intrusive ways. All of these are coming in late September. The calculators are around $7 each, and the covers are a little over $10. Hasepro also has a boatload of melamine cups, trays, and other dishware coming out.

Mario tissue can colored
Bowser and Enemies tissue can

Classic 1-1
Pixel Mario
Mushroom and Coin Block
Goomba and Boo

Bowser's Wild Clash Game

Here's a brand new game from Epoch involving Bowser knocking around some unpainted Mario figures. It looks as though a button is pressed and the object of the game is to avoid Bowser. I mean, isn't that the object of every game involving Bowser?
AmiAmi has a "tentative pre-order up for around $25. Should be releasing very soon, as the release date on AmiAmi says late July.
Pic of item out of the box after the break.
Thanks Genome!

There you are. Portal 2 sentry turrets. Are you still there?

Critical error! The first set of these "camouflaged" Portal 2 sentry turrets simply wasn't enough! The fans demanded all of the ridiculous designs seen in the game. So, NECA is now coming out with a second set of these turrets that appear in open and closed positions and can guard whatever you like. Some of the designs will be rare secret colors (not shown).

via NECA

Animal Crossing figures for the cost of real money (no bells)

Here's a list of the figures coming in this new Animal Crossing New Leaf set of gashapon (capsule figures).

Top row, from left
» Shizue
» Kento
» Lisa
» Kaizo
Second row, from left
» Laramie
» Snowman
» Bag of chocolate
Third row, from left
» Heart
» Vanilla ice cream
» Gift

These are the Japanese names, obviously. These actually act like item chains and can bee hooked together. I like to see some items from the game. Expect these October 2013.

via NCSX

Pokemon X and Y

Froakie, Fennekin and Chespin in plush form. We all knew it would happen, and it did. For around $20 each, these three starters can be yours come late November.

via NCSX

Kingdom Hearts 2 Dusk plush sees the light of day

Square Enix is coming out with this little enemy from Kingdom Hearts 2 named Dusk. Several other popular enemies have been plushified from the game, and while it has been slow going, it is nice to have the enemies take center stage. Coming late September for under $50.

via NCSX

Lightning Returns . . . in Kai form

This November, Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns comes to platforms, and this figure will be available from Square Enix in late November for big fans of Lightning. Stemming from the Kai line, she comes with extra hands, Crimson Blitz, Night Lotus, and plenty of articulation for posing and general awesomeness. She's gonna be around $100 for most collectors.

via NCSX

Hello Kitty goes gamer

Crossovers are now strangers to video games or Hello Kitty, so why not combine the two? She has crossed with Space Invaders before, but now that it is the 35th Anniversary (!) of Space Invaders, Hello Kitty is deciding to celebrate with some pouches. Eh, why not? Shipping in late October from Gotochi.
via NCSX

Also adding to her gaming prowess, Hello Kitty is joining with Street Fighter for figures and plushes. Hello M. Bison? Oh my yes. The figures are blind boxed and come in two-packs, featuring Player 1 and Player 2 costume colors. Pics after the break.

Forbidden Planet search

Thanks Firehawk!

Mario PEZ returns, but without Diddy and Koopa Troopa

Mario PEZ dispensers have happened before. Now they return, but Diddy is conspicuously missing. Not sure why Diddy ever made it to the first set, but Koopa Troopa and Wario were simply booted. Toad, Mario, and Yoshi return with the same sculpts from the mini set, but this is the first time Toad has appeared on a regular-sized dispenser.
Available currently in Europe.

Paper Mario Sticker Star mini towels

How rare is it to see Paper Mario merchandise? Well, Paper Mario Sticker Star is the fourth game in the series and there has only been a puzzle, a mousepad, a papercraft display included with a magazine, a fast food toy, and some character clips. Considering that the character design is so beloved and that there are some truly great characters that only appear in this series, it's a shame that there is so little merch to speak of.
These mini towels make sense, but I can't shake the feeling that these should just be giant . . . stickers. I wish that someone would simply add another dimension and make some 3D figures. What's so bad about that?
Anyway, these were found on Yahoo Japan Auctions for around $30 for the set of five.

How does Mario see underwater? With these goggles!

This is another one of those great fringe merchandise pieces that seem to float into the way of a long standing brand. These Super Mario goggles were found on Yahoo Japan Auctions for 1680yen. I love this stuff. From our friends at Bandai.
Another pic after the break.

New Super Mario Bros. U watches and water games

Epoch is bringing the water toys (you fill them with water and try to get the little balls in the holders by pushing water with buttons on the toy), while Takara Tomy ARTS is bringing the watches (flip the Mario item to see the time). Both companies have done these recently for previous games, so they obviously sell well in capsule machines in Japan. Both are priced at 200yen a capsule and are out in September in Japan. After the break is a bonus pic of the set sheet for the NSMBU keychain figures coming out.

Black Zero is official and is also coming to USA

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced that Black Zero is coming to Japan in November in limited numbers, but is also coming to North America in December. Most shops have it listed for January 2014 though. He has all the details that come from the Mega Man X4's special version. Purple sword. Awesome armor.

via Rockman Corner

Another Mario Puzzler from Ensky

Many loved the puzzle figures that were recently released, and now to continue the line is this Mario in a pipe puzzle figure from Ensky. Releasing in early August, this one will be about $15.

Seen at AmiAmi

Mario cell phone plug charms

There is a new fad in Japan that involves the earphone jack on cell phones. As there isn't really a good spot to attach anything on more modern cell phones, the cell phone strap industry has been looking for a way to get people's favorite characters on them. They managed to continue to accessorize phones by adding a phone plug that plugs into the earphone jack. Ensky has created a set of retro Mario charms that will fir this growing fad, and they are releasing this August. They are a cheap way to show your love!

Game Over

A Mario Kart 7 RC toy can finally drift

Takara Tomy is obsessed with Mario Kart 7. They have pumped out quite a few items already, and now they have built a radio-controlled kart that can actually drift. DRIFT man! Jlist has them listed at $12 each, which is a great price for any RC toy. Comes in Mario and Luigi flavors.


Super Mario Bros. U sound stages bring the fire and bling

The first Mario sound stages were a major hit, so it's no wonder that ALTOY, Inc. has created a new set of them. The first is a 10-coin block, and has two sounds: The Mario coin sound and 1-up. The second is Fire Mario blasting a Goomba with a fire ball. These are currently out in Japan for around $10 each. Hit the break for more pics and video of the sounds.

10-coin block
Fire Mario