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Luigi Nendoroid says goodbye to the Year of Luigi

Good Smile Company has made, quite possibly, the cutest Luigi figure in the known universe. He is available for pre-order tomorrow in Japan, or right now at AmiAmi. Set for a June 2014 release. He comes with a Bullet Bill, a Goomba, and a little poof that I'm sure will never be used by anyone to look like a fart. You hear that internet?

via Kotaku < -- More pics here!

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Ultra Detail Super Mario Series 2

Medicom Toy produced a set this year that made long-time Nintendo fans swoon. Now, we see that they want to continue the Mario portion of that line. We see a modern Fire Mario, a Yoshi seen in his original pose and art from Super Mario World , Baby Yoshis from New Super Mario Bros. U in all three colors, a Luigi figure from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and, possibly the best part, both brothers from Mario Bros. Let's hope to see more Zelda!

Fire Mario
Baby Yoshis
Mario from Mario Bros.
Luigi from Mario Bros.

Kirby is in a wintery mood . . . and a rug

A big ol' pink Kirby rug just came out, and some winter-themed plushes featuring Kirby. Well, two out of the four are themed, the other two are just Kirby. Still, Kirby with mittens or scarf? Super cute!

YJA Auction of plushes
One of many rug auctions

Lara Croft statue should be cleaned regularly

The iconic Lara Croft never looked so . . . beat up. Now Gaming Heads takes her latest look and immortalizes it in polystone resin. The regular version has her with a bow, while the exclusive has the bow, but also adds a combat shotgun. The statue is 1/4 scale, meaning Lara will be around 20 inches tall! 1000 units for the regular at $320, while the exclusive is limited to 500 and rings up at $340. Due Q2 of 2014.


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Luigi continues his reign as 2014 approaches with the awesome statue diorama

During the Nintendo Direct today, Iwata introduced us to a special surprise for the Year of Luigi in Club Nintendo. The surprise is a Luigi's Mansion statue for 1500 coins. I hope you've been saving up those coins! It's the most expensive thing to appear on the site so far.

Club Nintendo Luigi figure

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Kirby stamps add the pink wonder to all of your notes

Ensky has built a stamp set with all of Kirby's cutest emotes, put it on a base, and plan to set it on the world in late February. The set seems to come with 20 stamps and one large stamp, but it is mentioned that this is a sample set and may differ from the final product.

via AmiAmi

Paper Mario rugs make your room more Nintendo-y

These mats are almost 20 inches long, making an import pretty expensive. NCSX still has them listed at $26.90 though, which is great for something that could potentially be pretty heavy. Furyu will have these out in April of 2014.

via NCSX

Pikmin stationary brings the cute to all your notes

Love the little stamps with Pikmin posing on them. The tape is littered with Pikmin as well. I'm glad the seller provided a pic of what was in the little eraser bottle. Sadly, they were those shaped rubber band things that seem to be so popular these days. I thought they were little Pikmin rubber erasers. I would have purchased as I has seen it had that been the case.

YJA Auction

Super Mario 3D World soundtrack for Japan only

77 tracks on two discs complete with custom art! Only available in Japan? Awwwwwww!

Club Nintendo Japan

Super Mario 3D World gets mini maze games

Six new mazes from Epoch arrive to start the inevitable flood of Super Mario 3D World. The backings represent art from the game, just like the previous NSMBU set. Get a little ball bearing to its goal by tilting the make with the mini joystick. These will arrive in capsule machines in March 2014.

via ET-C

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Capcom may have you seeing all-stars with these licensed glasses

Zoff is using the popularity of Capcom's 30th Anniversary to push some special glasses. Each temple is adorned with various Capcom favorites, like Mega Man, Ghosts N' Goblins, Phoenix Wright, and Resident Evil. Each pair comes with a case and cleaning cloth, which are also decorated. 5200yen each, and I'm not sure you could get a prescription to custom fit the frames . . . but how cool are these?

via Rockman Corner via Siliconera

New Zelda plushes include Zelda and TINGLE

OMG! Tingle plush! Also, Zelda's first cel-shaded appearance marks this new set of Legend of Zelda plushes. Four in the set, including a small Link and a Medium link. All are from San-ei, so they should be great quality. Due to hit mid-February! Go and order now!

AmiAmi has them

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Thanks Melda and Valendorf!

Kirby, Kirby, Kirby gets more, more, more

Takara Tomy ARTS and SK Japan have been churning out the Kirby goods this year, and Kirby fans have been loving it. Return to Dreamland figures look great and come blind boxed. The set of five has four Kirbys (regular, bomb, wing, and stone abilities) and Magolor to collect. They are out now.
Also out are a set of mini-plush straps from SK Japan that are too cute for their own good. More pics of the figures after the break.

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Playstation earphone plugs

Japan really has a thing for these little earphone jack plugs. Union Creative has snagged the license to create and distribute these mini Dual Shock 2s for the 20th Anniversary of the Playstation next year. 20th? I'm old! The set of six are set to arrive in March 2014.

via NCSX

Dragon Quest Slime Tower Game

A nearly 12 inch cardboard tower. 24 stackable slime pieces in three colors. One die. You can figure out how to play this Japanese Kazanete Tower game in February next year.

via NCSX

Old and New combine with First 4 Figures Sonic Diorama

First 4 Figures releases this diorama statue to the pre-ordering masses today. There are two versions, as always. The diorama features classic and modern Sonic figures riding through the street. The exclusive lights up in all the right places for an additional $30. Both are due Q2 2014. One thing is for sure, you're going to have to be as fast as Sonic in your ordering if you want to get your hands on this great piece!

Regular ($300) - 1000 pieces worldwide.
Exclusive ($330) - 450 pieces worldwide.

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Mario toys around in Japan at McDonald's

McDonald's toys are always the pinnacle of any Happy Meal, and now Mario is the star, but only in Japan. Looks like the toys aren't promoting any specific game, as most of the toys have more to do with "generic" Mario rather than a specific release. Odd, as Super Mario 3D World is right around the corner. Penguin Mario and Boomerang Bro Mario do have more to do with New Super Mario Bros. U than with any other release though. A couple of these, a Mario and a Peach, double as stamps. Cool. Unfortunately, this is the second round of Mario Happy Meal toys not available in the USA.

Thanks gblock!

Japanese McDonald's Toys

Fallout Vault Boy bobs his head in approval of these bobbleheads

Strength, Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons, Perception, Endurance, Lock Pick and Repair are the seven different Vault Boy bobbleheads announced today from Gaming Heads. Buy them in a pack of all seven ($80), or individually for $15 each.

Gaming Heads Vault Boy Collection

Animal Crossing Item Keychains Part II

Ten new characters/objects releasing in item chain form from Takara TOMY Arts. Potentially to attach to the first ten already released. Let's look at the rundown for this set:

Top row, from left
» Shizue
» Kento

Second row, from left
» Lisa
» Kaizo

Third row, from left
» Laramie
» Snowman

Fourth row, from left
» Bag of chocolate
» Chocolate Heart
» Vanilla ice cream
» Gift box

via NCSX

Puyo Puyo Tetris Stress Balls

If you're going to market Puyo Puyo (which has been turned into Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche), and have already done plushes, then stress balls is a brilliant way to go. Who doesn't like to squish a blob? Coming out for Puyo Puyo Tetris, which releases early 2014 on a bunch of platforms.

via NCSX