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Phoenix Wright, Yoshi's Island pre-order stuff

Ace Attorney 1-3 bonuses at NintendoTweet. Available at e-Capcom. A wallpaper code, a remixed track, and a random charm. Random?!

Also, pre-orders for Yoshi's New Island are receiving this egg case. Via GoNintendo.

Capcom's 30th sees an explosion of crossover goods

Capcom is holding a raffle to get all sorts of neat prizes featuring Felynes from Monster Hunter dressed as Mega Man, Morrigan, and more. There are also pins featuring Mega-Man-sprite-style Capcom characters, with a hero and villain pack. Mats, earphone plug stoppers, mugs, pouches, and even a Mega Man Felyne statue is painted and metal flavors.

See more at Siliconera

Lucario will be an S.H. Figurarts release

Bandai has released scans of a Lucario figure, which was expected to be a D-arts figure like the other Pokemon releases in that line. However, he's been added to the S.H. Figurarts line instead. He does appear to work well with previous releases, per the shot above.
Appears he may have an Aura Sphere accessory as well, but I'll wait for official details.

Thanks Foxwhisker!

via Tomopop

Pre-order now for late May

Gaming Heads engineers a new statue from Team Fortress 2

The Engineer, both Red and Blu, is now available on the Gaming Heads Shop. Exclusive version has his mini combat sentry turret that even has illuminating beacon light. The Gunslinger, along with the regular edition's golden wrenches are included as well. $220 regular, $270 exclusive.

Blu Engineer 750 pieces
Red Engineer 750 pieces
Blu Engineer (Exclusive) 350 pieces
Red Engineer (Exclusive) 350 pieces

Test your temp with Mario or Yoshi

Fever? Chill? You can be one step closer to building a Dr. Mario medical bag with these two products from KD System. An LED display right on the top will read an accurate temperature. A Yoshi-themed or Mario-themed thermometer can help you diagnose your problem, unless your problem is a drained wallet. Each one of these will set you back around $15. See Yoshi after the break.


Club Nintendo has a Zelda-themed 3DS games case available now

400 coins nets you three designs that are fully reversible and replaceable in a case that holds 18 game carts. These sell out quick, so jump on it! There is also an Animal Crossing set. Both sets also have Mario themes, naturally.

Club Nintendo

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Dragon Quest Monsters 2 15th Anniversary Figure and Game set

I love it when games already come with collectible figures! This set, which is a game and three figures, will be available February 6th in Japan.

Via Go Nintendo via Nintendotweet

Club Nintendo Japan gets a Kirby Triple Deluxe Soundtrack

For 400 coins on the Club Nintendo Japan site. If a player buys the game, they can get it for 250 coins. Lucky . . .

via Nintendotweet

Mario and the gang get all catty along with Nabbit

We knew this would happen. How could they not make cuddly plushes of all of the cast of Super Mario 3D World? Nope, San-ei could not resist, and so the world is a little cuddlier. They also are releasing a Nabbit plush along with this set.

Cat Mario (Medium)
Cat Luigi (Medium)
Cat Mario
Cat Luigi
Cat Toad
Cat Peach

All available April of 2014! Pics of each after the break.

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K'Nex Series 3 codes and secrets

K'Nex doesn't let up. More figures, more sets, more baddies, more tracks. Money, money, money, money. We at VGMM don't take kindly to blind packaging, so we are usurping that ridiculousness by revealing the codes of these characters!

0513280 - Bullet Bill
0513280 - Cheep Cheep (double underline)
0513280 - Mario
0513280 - Bowser
0513280 - Pink Yoshi
0513280 - Toad
0513280 - Diddy Kong
0513280 - Hammer Brother

Again, the numbers may be different on your bag but it's the underlines that count!

Thanks Ali Mangoo!

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via the Killer Katerpillar

Castlevania Lord of Shadows 2 gets a great collector's edition

February is the game's release, and this "Dracula's Tomb Premium Edition" will be the best option for Europeans. Yes, only available from GAME, this edition will only have 30,000 released. The tomb box coffin thingy will include a hardcover artbook, a steelbook for the game, four painted figures, and possibly other goodies before release.

Thanks Gully!

via Gamesradar

Kunio-Kun bit strap set of keychains

Available now is a set from Takara TOMY Arts based on the Kunio-Kun set of games from Technōs Japan. You may remember these sprites from games like River City Ransom or Super Dodgeball, but they are alive and strong in Japan, with several remakes and even a couple of games last year. My favorite in this set is the bug-eyed guy, as the Nekketsu games had quite possibly the most expressive sprites on the NES.

Available on YJA and Japanese resellers on various services.

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New Pikmin Straps are mysteriously missing colors from Pikmin 3

So, you have the Pikmin license, but you choose not to add Pink or Rock Pikmin to this set? I assume that Takara TOMY Arts only has the general Pikmin license and not the Pikmin 3 license, so they are only releasing the original three colors with all variations (leaf, bud, flower). Olimar also comes with each one. That's a lot of Olimar. Too bad we haven't seen Charlie, Alph, or Brittany yet . . .

Seen on YJA. Resellers also have them on ebay.

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Mario Kart 7 boxed mini figures

A set of eight new racers in various karts has become available in Japan. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, DK, Bowser, and Koopa Troopa! Boxed just like the last sets from Takara. More pics after the break.

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New Mother 2 straps for the new year

A set of seven new straps from Mother 2, but not from the normal Banpresto license, but from Takara TOMY Arts. Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, Mr. Saturn, Belch, and Master Barf. Very nice paint jobs, and somewhat difficult to find now, so . . . try to get them now before the price skyrockets.

via EBC

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Kirby sleeps, Kirby winks, Kirby stares

Kirby has many powers, and thus many faces, but sometimes he's just good ol' Kirby. He's still very expressive though, and these new plushes, out now from SK Japan, are a perfect representation of that.

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Year of Luigi in Club Nintendo Japan

Notebook and pen, Dr. Luigi cloth set, and a 3DS case with a bonus puzzle inside. Yup, NA and Europe beat that. Still very cool though.

via Tiny Catridge

Luigi Nendoroid says goodbye to the Year of Luigi

Good Smile Company has made, quite possibly, the cutest Luigi figure in the known universe. He is available for pre-order tomorrow in Japan, or right now at AmiAmi. Set for a June 2014 release. He comes with a Bullet Bill, a Goomba, and a little poof that I'm sure will never be used by anyone to look like a fart. You hear that internet?

via Kotaku < -- More pics here!

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Ultra Detail Super Mario Series 2

Medicom Toy produced a set this year that made long-time Nintendo fans swoon. Now, we see that they want to continue the Mario portion of that line. We see a modern Fire Mario, a Yoshi seen in his original pose and art from Super Mario World , Baby Yoshis from New Super Mario Bros. U in all three colors, a Luigi figure from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, and, possibly the best part, both brothers from Mario Bros. Let's hope to see more Zelda!

Fire Mario
Baby Yoshis
Mario from Mario Bros.
Luigi from Mario Bros.

Kirby is in a wintery mood . . . and a rug

A big ol' pink Kirby rug just came out, and some winter-themed plushes featuring Kirby. Well, two out of the four are themed, the other two are just Kirby. Still, Kirby with mittens or scarf? Super cute!

YJA Auction of plushes
One of many rug auctions