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First 4 Figures reveals Samus' Light Suit

Via their Facebook page today, First 4 Figures announced Samus' Light Suit. Want more info? Want to see the whole thing? Join the club. We'll post as they release!

Luigi Figuarts

Now that Mario is out and everyone is going nuts, it's time to expand the line and add a bro! Accessory set C adds a Buzzy Beetle, Piranha Plant, and a red pipe. Sweetness.

Auction Crawler: Pink is the new black

This backpack contains a Kirby rain jacket for you to wear. Kid's sizes though. Just so you know. There is also a Mario and Zelda version.

Auction - 3000yen BIN, 5 days.

Donkey Kong Playset - 3980yen BID, 4980yen BIN, 1 day.
Super Mario Bros. Board Game - 9333yen, < 1 day.
Super Mario Sunshine plush - 4500yen, 6 days.
Super Mario World Play Set - 2980yen, 6 days.
Super Mario Model Kit unpainted - 5000yen, 4 days.
Paper Mario Sticker Star Plush Tissue Box Cover - 1650yen, 1 day.
Super Mario 3D World items set - 1300yen, 6 days.
Squeezie Mario - 500yen BID, 600yen BIN, 3 days.

Mother 2 figures stand tall

Takara Tomy Arts continues with their Mother 2 license with these gashapon figures on stands. Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo, and a Mr. Saturn complete the set, and each are around 2.5 inches tall . . . except poor Mr. Saturn. These figures are expected in October. NCSX has the set up for pre-order now. Expect a lot more Mother 2 for the 20th anniversary coming up next year.

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Auction Crawler: Mini me

This collection of mini Famicoms with games is a great and rare little set of Nintendo history, and the whole set is here and mint. 3000yen, with 8 hours.

Other auctions:
Baby Peach plush - 200yen, 1 day.
Kirby 20th Anniversary medal - 2500yen, 2 days.
SMW playset - 2980yen bid, 4980yen BIN. 5 days.
Super Mario Pepsi Twist bottlecap toppers - 2000yen, 3 days.
Unpainted Zelda figures set 1 - 3500yen, 2 days.
Unpainted Zelda set 2 - 2500yen, 2 days.
Unpainted Zelda set 3 - 2500yen, 3 days.

Cheat Codes for the new K'Nex blind bagged Mario figures

Our very own nfalax has already cracked the code.

Based on this code, look for which number is underlined to find the figure you want. The code may be different, but the underline is the key.
1-Bowser Jr
4-Waluigi (Most likely)
1-Green Toad
0-Donkey Kong

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Kirby's friends and foes are the stars of the next plush set from San-ei

A new Kirby set from San-ei called the "Kirby Adventure Series Plush Set" has four friends/foes from the Kirby series,, but no Kirby! While it's odd, Kirby has so many plush iterations now it could probably fill a swimming pool. We have seen King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle DOo before (though Waddle Doo had a sword in his plush debut), but we welcome Chef Kawasaki to his very first plush rendition.

Waddle Doo
Meta Knight
Chef Kawasaki
King Dedede

Thanks Nem!

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The cat's out of the bag now - Rosalina plush from San-ei

We rarely see unlockable characters hit the merchandise scene, mainly because Nintendo wants to keep them secret. This is why we still have no Dry Bowser merchandise. Still, during the hype train of Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo showed that Rosalina was playable before release. As she has been used by many players the world over, San-ei has seen fit to release Rosalina in a dress and cat suit.

Rosalina in dress
Rosalina as cat

Thanks Nem!

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S.H. Figuarts reveals Mega Blaziken

This S.H. Figuarts series is getting exciting. Though most are surprised that Greninja wasn't announced, this Mega Blaziken is certainly welcome. No price, but we know it's slated to hit sometime in October this year.

Thanks tl2005us!

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Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors Premium Box goodies materialize

A clock, a scarf, the game, and some digital goodies all thrown into a giant chest for safekeeping. Da da da daaaaaaaaaa!

Link Holding Item

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Auction Crawler: Stamp it out

This stamp collection set is set for 6000yen and has 1 day left. The figures go on top of the stampers that cannot be seen without opening the box.

Other auctions:

Pikmin Pin from Club Nintendo - 1500yen, 1 day.
Final Fantasy I and II crystal strap - 1000yen, < 1 day.
25th Anniversary SMB King of Games shirt - 5000yen, 5 days.
Paper Mario Sticker Star Bowser Plush - 300yen, 2 days.
SMW Puzzle - 5000yen, 2 days.
Super Mario Kart puzzle - 2000yen, 3 days.
Goomba and Koopa Troopa Plush Pillows - 5000yen, 5 days.
Zelda Gold Choco figure with accessories - 29,800yen, 1 day. One with armor! Payin' for it though . . . yeesh.

Year of Luigi Pin - $4.25 bidding, 6 days.
Mario Kart 8 flags - $1, 6 days.
Nintendo Poker set - $50, 9 days.
Nintendo Poker Set - $50, 8 days.
Midway Rampage Lizzie Plush - $500 OBO, 15 days.
Banjo-Kazooie Display - $5.57, 6 days.
F-Zero display sign - $1, 6 days.
Bowser Pen from Super Power Supplies - $14 BIN.
Professor Layton Rubik's Cube - $12.99 OBO. 2 available.
Donkey Kong Country Inflatable Banana Display - GBP 2.00, 6 days.
Toad Ceramic Cookie Jar - $50, 6 days.
SSBM Mario Pin from JR - $25 BIN. 2 available.
SMB2 Viewmaster in box - $100, 5 days.
View Master Mario Reels - $7 bid, $10 BIN, < 1 day.
Mario Pillow - $50 bid, $250 BIN, 2 days.
Donkey Kong Coleco figure set on card $280 OBO, 7 days.

McDonald's next Happy Meal to feature Mario Kart 8

It's true! Go see! Some have anti-grav tires. Peach on an anti-grav bike! Luigi death stare in figure form?


E3 2014 Swag Roundup

Yup, went to E3 this year. Third year. They had those giant over-sized bags available again, from three different developers, so it was tough to see the small stuff. This is a post about all of the swag I saw. Lots of shirts . . . again.

Auction Crawler: Brush with Battle

This is a very rare set of figures from Mega Man X3 featuring Bit and Byte. Sigma is also there. The seller has it for auction starting at a single yen. Less than a cent. Up for three days. Good luck!

Other auctions:
Three rare Super Mario Sunshine JR Promo pins on card - 350yen, 3 days.
Super Mario 10-in-1 table game set - 1000yen, 4 days.
SMB Movie metal Yoshi keychain - 1000yen, 6 days. Weird place to find it, but cheap and rare.
Big lot of Furuta kit figures - 3000yen, 2 days.
Mario-themed Famicom Disk System hard case - 2200yen, 2 days.

There is also a great vintage Zelda shirt and some very rare cel art in the Auctions of Interest forum for members.

Super Mario 3D World Item Chains get catty

Takara Tomy Arts took their sweet time coming out with the staple-for-each-Mario-game-release item chain set. This set has the Cat Goomba, Cat Banzai Bill, a Skipsqueak, Super Mushroom, 1-up Mushroom, Cat Bell, and the Double Cherry. The first two really need to be plushes, but I'll take mini figures.

via ET-C

Mega Man Zero S.H. Figuarts gets some action shots

A little under $50 is what Bandai is asking for their new S.H. Figuarts Mega Man Zero figure, to be released in October. While they are saying it will be an online exclusive in Japan, Bass was also touted as this and came out in North America.

via Rockman Corner via Rockman Unity

Garrus joins the ranks of Gaming Heads

Garrus will be joining the Mass Effect line from Gaming Heads in Q1 of 2015.

Regular version, $330, 1000 pieces worldwide.
Exclusive version, $350, 500 pieces worldwide, comes with the Phaeston to swap out with the Incisor.

Stands a whopping 21 inches tall. Smoke effect not included. Heh.

Pushmo hits the big time, gets merch

Pushmo World was just announced, and hidden in that announcement was a showing of some new merchandise featuring Mallo. A rubber keychain, a plush with a zip pouch and place for ID, and a traditional plush. See the rest after the break.

Check out the Japanese site here

Kirby Mass Attack in figure form

That's one big pile of pink. Ten Kirby figures, all with different poses, can be piled up, stacked, and arranged in various shapes. The set also contains a warp star. The mass attack is coming in late July, and is called a Tsumu Tsumu set in Japan.

via NintendoTweet

Taito mugs for the masses

These five mugs are on offer from High Dream, and they are officially licensed Taito IPs. Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands, and the Ninja Warriors each gets it own mug. September 2014.

via NCSX

Might want to keep tabs on this site for future releases.