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Fallout Vault Boy bobs his head in approval of these bobbleheads

Strength, Melee Weapons, Energy Weapons, Perception, Endurance, Lock Pick and Repair are the seven different Vault Boy bobbleheads announced today from Gaming Heads. Buy them in a pack of all seven ($80), or individually for $15 each.

Gaming Heads Vault Boy Collection

Animal Crossing Item Keychains Part II

Ten new characters/objects releasing in item chain form from Takara TOMY Arts. Potentially to attach to the first ten already released. Let's look at the rundown for this set:

Top row, from left
» Shizue
» Kento

Second row, from left
» Lisa
» Kaizo

Third row, from left
» Laramie
» Snowman

Fourth row, from left
» Bag of chocolate
» Chocolate Heart
» Vanilla ice cream
» Gift box

via NCSX

Puyo Puyo Tetris Stress Balls

If you're going to market Puyo Puyo (which has been turned into Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche), and have already done plushes, then stress balls is a brilliant way to go. Who doesn't like to squish a blob? Coming out for Puyo Puyo Tetris, which releases early 2014 on a bunch of platforms.

via NCSX

Super Mario 3D World clings to your wallet

Super Mario 3D World has cats. Cats climb things. To simulate this, Bandai is making some magnets and some clings that fit on the side of your cups. They come in the flavors of each playable character, and are nearly too cute to report on.
Shipping in March 2014. If Luigi, Toad, and Peach are all color-coordinated, why is Mario orange instead of red?

via NCSX

Set of 4 new Mario figures - all the brothers

Mario, brother Luigi, evil twin Waluigi, and brother and evil twin Wario. All in great poses. The new standard set run around 5-6 inches tall and are very collectable. Out now from Japan Auto Toy.

Thanks tl2005us and Manveri!

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Square Enix releases Final Fantasy VII on . . . vinyl

Like Final Fantasy VII? Like the soundtrack? Like vinyl records? Square Enix has you very, very covered. 29 tracks have been added to two vinyl records for master quality.
Track list after the jump.

via NCSX

Smoker is a great disgusting addition to this Halloweek

Gaming Heads announced their new Smoker statue from Left 4 Dead 2. He's pretty gross. 15 inches of pure gross. The exclusive comes with a fire axe planted on the ground. Coming Q2 2014. Would go well with Tank.

Regular - 750 pieces worldwide
Extra Smoky - 350 pieces worldwide

One of Street Fighter's ugliest faces gets a life-sized bust

Actually, a pair of busts, as there is an exclusive version. If you have $700 lying around, then you too can own these ugly mugs and partial chests of Akuma from the Street Fighter series. Limited to 350 pieces worldwide or 150 pieces for the exclusive, these will appear in Q2 2014. Pop Culture Shock lives up to its name with these, as they are certainly from pop culture, and they are certainly shocking, both in price and look. Cloth Gi, "separately cast teeth" (whatever that means), wooden prayer beads, and glowing eyes. GLOWING EYES! Made of fiberglass, and weighs in at around 25 pounds and stands 29" tall. Payment plans available, but if you pay in full you get a nice discount.

Extra glowy

Titanfall to get statue with collector's edition

For 250 bones you can snag the CE, that includes the game, a poster, an art book, LED diorama packaging, and this statue. The cockpit supposedly has a motorized cockpit. Wow.
Coming March 11th next year.

via Tomopop/Destructoid

Pikmin helmets just in time to completely miss Halloween

Japan now celebrates Halloween, but it's nowhere near as popular as North America, and it tends to happen earlier in July or August (O-bon festivals). That's why I'm confused, because hats like these always go on pre-order in mid October and essentially miss the mark for anyone that wants to celebrate. Arriving in February next year from Taito, they just seem like a giant tease. Despite that, these are awesome.
Yellow has the leaf, blue has the bud, and red has the flower.

via NCSX

Zelda 3DS XL confirmed for Gamestop Black Friday

An internet leak from Gamestop has shown the Luigi bundle (sans the awesome 3DS XL) and the Legend of Zelda 3DS XL being available at midnight for Black Friday in North America. $219.99 will get you the 3DS XL and the game download.

via Kotaku

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Stars Catalog updates with a different Year of Luigi coin

The Year of Luigi Coin from E3 is different from this one. This coin has the Club Nintendo logo on the back, rather than Luigi's face. This makes it more similar to the 25th Anniversary Mario Coin that was up in this same catalog last year. Blast! I thought I avoided the high cost, as I figured the one they were giving out at E3 would eventually appear in this catalog. It is really cool though.
1500 stars in the Stars Catalog.

Thanks kobefn!

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People pre-ordering from GAME will find a treasure

European retailer GAME is selling pre-orders for the Collector's Edition of Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Watch the vine video from Nintendo to see the chest and hear the sound.
The set also includes a poster and DLC. That box art, while not finalized, is GORGEOUS!

Order from GAME

Thanks kobefn and The Crow!

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Gaming Heads announces a Halloween surprise with Plants Vs. Zombies statues

Plants Vs. Zombies has a special way of making everyone love it. It's just so darn . . . cute? Yet, it's still sufficiently mature enough to make you keep playing it. These statues from Gaming Heads perfectly capture the likenesses of the zombies. Peashooters are also available. Both characters have exclusive versions, so lets run them down.

Zombie - $140 - 13 inches tall - 750 pieces worldwide
Conehead (Pylon) Zombie exclusive - 13 inches tall (without pylon?) - 350 pieces worldwide
Peashooter - $70 - 9 inches tall - 750 pieces worldwide
Peashooter with Pea Exclusive - 9 inches tall - 350 pieces worldwide

Each will be available Q1 of 2014. While the zombie is perfect, the Peashooter just seems too static in my opinion. For such an animated game, it's a bummer that they couldn't add a little more emotion to the character. He's often . . . angry. I would have also loved to see the Gattling Peashooter instead of just a pea, but that would be a significant change from the regular edition.

Who would walk on slime? You would!

Square Enix has some slimy slippers to comfort your feet. Seems unintuitive, but they are much comfier than they look! The metal ones though . . .
Out today and available through NCSX.

Animal Crossing merchandise bonanza

Takara Tomy Arts and Bandai have some new offerings for Animal Crossing fans. Bandai has created some water gloves featuring the cast, a room from the game, and individual character versions for shaking and ogling. And collecting. Always collecting. These are set to ship in January of 2014 and NCSX has them up for pre-order.
While Bandai's offering is cool, Takara really has the corner on the AC market. They have a set of stationary coming out that is more geared to girls. Little stamps, character pads, erasers, and other letter-making goods adorn the set. Takara also has a more traditional set of gashapon figures, houses, and accessories. Supplemental to this set, the new set adds two houses and more goods to decorate those houses. New characters are also there to collect.
To see the stationary set, hit the break.

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Archie comics moves to the future with Mega Man X

Starting in February next year, expect to see some X story arcs creeping up in the classic Mega Man comic series. That's issues #34 and #35. Support those and we see more. That's really all you have to know!

Read more at IGN

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The website below says it all:

The crew from Whispering Rocks is ready to populate your desk, shelf, and other display surfaces!

Featuring a select group of campers, counselors, and more:

Sasha Nein
Milla Vodello
Morceau Oleander
Ford Cruller
Boyd Cooper
Dr. Loboto
Sheegor with Mr. Pokeylope

You can get the whole set of ten or take your chances with individual blind boxes!

Oh man. One blind box for $7 or the whole ten figure set for $70!

via the Doublefine Store

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Theatrhythm Cell Straps

Some Theatrhythm straps. All the normals are here, but hey look! A Zidane! No other info . . .

via GoNintendo via a NintendoTweet

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Mario and Luigi can help you play with these Wii Remotes

November 1st in NA. November 8th for Europe. $40. Gorgeous, but wouldn't it have been better as a Club Nintendo free item? Mario could have been the platinum gift for last year, and Luigi this year. I mean . . . *slaps forehead*

via Nintendolife

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