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Baraka needs to have a doctor look at that

Barack Obama Baraka is available for pre-order at the Pop Culture Shock website starting on April 21st at 3PM PST, and has a regular version ($360) and an exclusive version ($370). The exclusive has extra arms. Coming Q1 of 2015, this statue is 1:4 scale. You can save some cash by pre-ordering and paying up front.

via Tomopop

Peach adds to the character-centric Wii Remotes.

First Mario and Luigi, and now Peach. Featuring a yellow D-pad and Peach's moniker, the pink Wii Remote appears at the end of the month for $40.

Thanks Sphacks!

via Nintendo Life

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Nendoroid Link is up for pre-order

Go now to your favorite import shop and snag this Wind-Waker-inspired Link Nendoroid. Comes with four different expressions and a Heart Container, the Wind Waker, Sword, Shield, and sword swing effect.
AmiAmi and Hobby Search Japan have listings up now.

News on those Monopolys featuring Nintendo, and a Zelda Puzzle

Pokemonopoly. Zeldopoly. Yes yes yes. Having already collected two Nintendopolys and simply loving the little pewter items from both, I can't wait for these - and more!
Info coming from Southern Hobby Supply details the items further. August 21 this year is when both are slated to arrive to that online store, so that is a good indication when most stores would be getting them. Assume slightly longer for brick-and-mortar retail to snag them.
Also shown was a 550-piece puzzle featuring The Legend of Zelda. The prototype art is from Ocarina of Time, but is obviously subject to change. 18" x 24" is the scale, it it releases August 15th.

via Nintendo World Report

Auction Crawler: Mario Babel

An English to German Dictionary being sold in Japan. Nothing odd here. 1280yen, 2 days.

SMRPG Piranha Plant - 500yen, 3 days.
SM3DW OST on cd - 2 days, 500yen.
Yoshi and other figures lot - 100yen, 4 days.
Kirby figure lot - 1100yen, 5 days.
Akihabara SMB3 Cassette - 2500yen, 6 days.
Kirby 64 reversible plush set 10,000yen, < 1 day.
Kirby on star model kit - 4800yen BIN, < 1 day.
Stone Kirby kit - 3325yen BIN, < 1 day.
4560yen, < 1 day.
Rare Kirby's Adventure Kirby Roller3400yen, < 1 day.
Super Mario Galaxy set of figures (Super and Red Star) 2100yen, < 1 day.
Mario Kart racers lot - 2100, 1 day. (Rakuten)
SMK Loop Track - 1000yen BIN, 7 days.
Mario clock figure - 3000yen, < 1 day. Very rare.

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Auction Crawler: Old Tunes

Super Mario Bros. Special OST on cassette - 1200yen, 5 days.
Look at this crazy thing. Looks like they lost the artwork insert, but the tape is still playable. Most of this release is spoken Japanese, but does contain some remixed Mario music. This was released in fewer quantities than the CD. Wild.

Not sure what I mean by this stuff? Can't find out how to buy? Go to FAQs or read previous Auction Crawlers to find out!

10-in-1 Mario Game set - 1500yen BID, 1600yen BIN, 1 day.
NSMB2 set of puzzles - 1yen, 2 days.
Complete set of Mario Tennis rackets - 6000yen BIN. 4 days.
Mario and Luigi on Yoshis MAX figures - 2000yen BIN, 6 days.
Super Mario Goggles - 1280yen, less than 1 day.
Link in Conductor Outfit - 3500yen BID, 4200yen BIN, 1 day.
SM3DL Set of 4 figures - 4480yen BID, 5980yen BIN, 1 day.
Mario Golf Balls - 500yen, 1 day.
Mario set of Pepsi Twist 8-bit toppers in custom case - 2000yen BIN, 1 day.
Super Mario Kart slide puzzle - 1000yen, 3 days.
Super Mushroom and 1up salt and pepper shakers - 1000yen, 6 days.
Mario crayons - 300yen, 2 days.
SMW tower game in box - 1500yen, 1 days.
Super Mario Origami Paper - 500yen, 10 hours. Very unique.
Super Mario Galaxy Wii Remote projectors 200yen, 5 days.

Bring a little Ratchet and Clank home today!

The second in Gaming Heads' Playstation All-Stars line after Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and his buddy Clank appear as they do on the cover of their titular first game. Ratchet holds the Devastator, and Clank clings to his back. Standing 15 inches tall, the statue is limited to 750 pieces worldwide. A bronze-effect edition is the exclusive, and it is limited to 350 pieces worldwide. The regular sits at $199.99, while the exclusive is $10 more. Both are set to arrive in Q4 this year.

pre-order at Gaming Heads

Jakks launches its Mario line along with an attack on your wallet

New Super Mario Bros. U mini figure sets from Jakks Pacific are due out this month, along with "Micro Land" playsets for them to mess around in. They are also releasing plushes from NSMBU. As if that wasn't enough, Mario Kart 7 coin racers are also slated for next month.

So, let's take a look at what we're getting.

The mini figures come in three packs:
1. Mario, Luigi, Goomba
2. Bob-Om, Princess Peach, Yoshi
3. Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Toad
4. Flying Squirrel Mario, Koopa Troopa, Nabbit
5. Flying Squirrel Luigi, Flying Squirrel Toad, Bob-Omb
6. Fire Mario, Bowser Jr., Bullet Bill

Micro Land playsets:
1. Acorn Plains w/ Mario
2. Acorn Plains w/ Flying Squirrel Mario
3. Layer Cake Desert w /Luigi
4. Layer Cake Desert w/ Yoshi

There are also "Deluxe" sets that come with a lot more items and essentially has you designing your own level. See these after the break.

Mario Coin Racers:
Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are the only coin racers so far, with Luigi in the Bumble V and the other two in regular karts.

The plushes include Pikmin!
Wave 1
1. Mario
2. Goomba
3. Bob-Omb
4. Luigi
5. Toad

Wave 2
1. Mario
2. Yoshi
3. Link
4. Red Pikmin
5. Yellow Pikmin

Thanks MarioManiac!

All available at Big Bad Toy Store or Entertainment Earth

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Auction Crawler: Grab it!

The Ultra Hand! Nice condition with all parts. Can you grab this vintage Nintendo toy?

Ultra Hand - 1,000yen, 4 days.
Full set of Star Fox/Steel Diver kits - 1,380yen bid, 1,518 BIN, 1 day.
Donkey Kong Model Kit - 1,500yen bid, 2000yen BIN, 1 day.
Diddy Kong Model Kit - 1,500yen bid, 2000yen BIN, 1 day.
Krusha and Cranky figures from show 2400yen, 6 days.
SMAS Famicom Game drawer - 500yen, 4 days.
SMW lunch box - 800yen, 2 days.
SMRPG Peach keychain - 1200yen, 2 days.
SM3DW OST - 2500yen, 5 days.
Rare NSMB set of keychains - 5500yen, 1 day.
Mario cube puzzle - 1800yen BIN, 5 days.
Color Me Yoshi - 4000yen, 1 day. No box.

More goodies for members in our forum

If I mention "bid", it means that there is a Buy It Now on the auction, which I abbreviate to "BIN". All prices are in Japanese yen, which is easily converted these days by moving two decimal places. So 3000yen ~ $30.00. Tends to change though, so I'd convert if you're really interested. Check our FAQ for info on how to bid. Good luck!
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Super Mario 3D World stationary set

These sets must sell like hotcakes in Japan. There's been one for every Mario game since NSMBWii. A Goomba hole-puncher, along with stamps straight from the game, and you have a winning combination. Not only that, but the little Mario post-its "cling" to the sides of pages. Cute.

via ET-C

Mario is coin-obsessed

Looks like Mario is now imprinting his face, as well as those of his friends, onto the very coins they collect now. How narcissistic. This coin charm collection is due out around June 2014.

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Final hours of Nintendo Force Year 2 Kickstarter

Go get it! It's gonna be epic! Plus, we're close to the issue #1 re-issue stretch goal!

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UK will get McDonald's Mario toys next week

Between March 19th and April 29th, a set of eight Mario toys will be released. The promotion is called Run, Jump and Power-Up with Super Mario. Seems like these are always under the theme of being active, and what is more active than playing video games and pounding fries while gulping down soda?

via Official Nintendo Magazine

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Furuta adds more Mario rubber keychains

Apparently these are big sellers in Japan, because they just keep coming. This new set is out now. While I have seen most of the other art many times over in merchandise, media, and more, I have never seen Mario hitting a Spiny. Ouch.

New Animal Crossing accessories from . . . Sega?!

Yup. Sega. Let that sink in for a minute. Sure, it is odd, but isn't without precedent. Sega made a set of Super Mario Sunshine plushes.
This time, Sega is offering some great reversible cushions. On one side are characters, on the other is a Pitfall Seed or Fossil. Very cool.
The other set is a set of screen cleaners. *Yawn* Not too exciting, but it's more stuff with your favorite characters. Included are: Fossil, K.K., Isabella, Kapp'n, Pelly, and Tom Nook. *Shudders*
Both sets have a July 2014 release.
Pics of the cleaners after the break.

Cleaners @ NCSX
Cushions @ NCSX

Club Nintendo NA updates with expensive storage

700 coins gets you the green enemies accessory box. 500 coins gets you the Animal Crossing pouches (seen after the break). Boy, the rewards are getting more and more expensive.

Accessory Box
AC Pouch

Gaming Heads releases Doom's box art in statue form

Coming Q3 2014 and highly limited to 350 pieces worldwide, this $400 statue captures the iconic box art perfectly. The exclusive comes with a glowing base to give the lava a more realistic look. The regular edition is $25 cheaper and is limited to 750 pieces. You can also remove the bullet part.


Auction Crawler: It's Dangerous to Go Alone

If I mention "bid", it means that there is a Buy It Now on the auction, which I abbreviate to "BIN". All prices are in Japanese yen, which is easily converted these days by moving two decimal places. So 3000yen ~ $30.00. Tends to change though, so I'd convert if you're really interested. Check our FAQ for info on how to bid. Good luck!
If you'd like to help or add to the Auction Crawler, send an email via the contact form or a PM in the forums. Thanks!

Zelda Board Game - 10,000yen, 2 days. Potentially better deal in the AoI
Mario complete set of tape - 800yen, 5 days.
Dot-S Zelda set - 2689 yen, 6 days
Case of Dot-S - 14800yen, 6 days.
Mario Statue from Kyoto Bank - 6800yen, likely to renew
Super Mario World Snow Board - 9800yen, likely to renew.
Mario CN fan - 600yen, 1 day.
Mario Kart 7 Boss coffee figure set - 3000yen, 2 days.
Super Mario Galaxy DX Sofubi set of 2 - 2100yen, 2 days.
Kid Icarus Eggplant Wizard and Reaper - 1880yen, likely to renew - missing rod and . . . face?
SMB1 Unpainted boxed set - 9800yen, likely to renew
Rare Yoshi figure with wings - 856yen, 5 days.
Mario Kart slide puzzle - 1000yen, 2 days.
Pikachu car and MK7 Kart - 1250yen bid, 1300BIN, likely to renew.
Vintage Mario Kart RC - 900yen, 2 days.
Rare Mario Kart Nintendo 64 controller - 2000yen, 6 days.
Super Mario Land Finger Puppets lot - 8000yen bid, 9800yen BID, 6 days. Has all but one in the set.

Nightram's Auctions:
Pikmin Garden Nintendo gamecube promo press E3 plant mint complete mario Olimar

Viva Pinata Horsatchio press promo Microsoft rare crate e3 mint xbox 360 launch

Fallout 3 bethesda press promo e3 view master slides rare simtech 1000 vault tec
Resident Evil Outbreak promo press survival kit mask bag sealed E3 mint CAPCOM
Far Cry 2 lighter press promo item mint E3 Ubisoft 2008 PS3 360
Bioshock EP OST soundtrack rapture records infinite press promo 2K E3 mint moby
Clock Tower 3 watch E3 press promo PS2 Capcom MINT rare

Kirby clock is a real puzzler

Sure you've built a puzzle. Sure you've seen a clock. But, have you ever built a puzzle clock? This 82 piece Kirby-themed clock comes from ensky and is set to release later this month. Have to give them some points for innovation, right?

@ AmiAmi

Mario figures get a puzzling re-release

Remember these? Looks like they're getting a re-release with more colorful boxes. Guess the Pink Yoshi didn't sell well last time though, as he's been dropped from this set.

Fire Mario