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People pre-ordering from GAME will find a treasure

European retailer GAME is selling pre-orders for the Collector's Edition of Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Watch the vine video from Nintendo to see the chest and hear the sound.
The set also includes a poster and DLC. That box art, while not finalized, is GORGEOUS!

Order from GAME

Thanks kobefn and The Crow!

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Gaming Heads announces a Halloween surprise with Plants Vs. Zombies statues

Plants Vs. Zombies has a special way of making everyone love it. It's just so darn . . . cute? Yet, it's still sufficiently mature enough to make you keep playing it. These statues from Gaming Heads perfectly capture the likenesses of the zombies. Peashooters are also available. Both characters have exclusive versions, so lets run them down.

Zombie - $140 - 13 inches tall - 750 pieces worldwide
Conehead (Pylon) Zombie exclusive - 13 inches tall (without pylon?) - 350 pieces worldwide
Peashooter - $70 - 9 inches tall - 750 pieces worldwide
Peashooter with Pea Exclusive - 9 inches tall - 350 pieces worldwide

Each will be available Q1 of 2014. While the zombie is perfect, the Peashooter just seems too static in my opinion. For such an animated game, it's a bummer that they couldn't add a little more emotion to the character. He's often . . . angry. I would have also loved to see the Gattling Peashooter instead of just a pea, but that would be a significant change from the regular edition.

Who would walk on slime? You would!

Square Enix has some slimy slippers to comfort your feet. Seems unintuitive, but they are much comfier than they look! The metal ones though . . .
Out today and available through NCSX.

Animal Crossing merchandise bonanza

Takara Tomy Arts and Bandai have some new offerings for Animal Crossing fans. Bandai has created some water gloves featuring the cast, a room from the game, and individual character versions for shaking and ogling. And collecting. Always collecting. These are set to ship in January of 2014 and NCSX has them up for pre-order.
While Bandai's offering is cool, Takara really has the corner on the AC market. They have a set of stationary coming out that is more geared to girls. Little stamps, character pads, erasers, and other letter-making goods adorn the set. Takara also has a more traditional set of gashapon figures, houses, and accessories. Supplemental to this set, the new set adds two houses and more goods to decorate those houses. New characters are also there to collect.
To see the stationary set, hit the break.

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Archie comics moves to the future with Mega Man X

Starting in February next year, expect to see some X story arcs creeping up in the classic Mega Man comic series. That's issues #34 and #35. Support those and we see more. That's really all you have to know!

Read more at IGN

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The website below says it all:

The crew from Whispering Rocks is ready to populate your desk, shelf, and other display surfaces!

Featuring a select group of campers, counselors, and more:

Sasha Nein
Milla Vodello
Morceau Oleander
Ford Cruller
Boyd Cooper
Dr. Loboto
Sheegor with Mr. Pokeylope

You can get the whole set of ten or take your chances with individual blind boxes!

Oh man. One blind box for $7 or the whole ten figure set for $70!

via the Doublefine Store

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Theatrhythm Cell Straps

Some Theatrhythm straps. All the normals are here, but hey look! A Zidane! No other info . . .

via GoNintendo via a NintendoTweet

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Mario and Luigi can help you play with these Wii Remotes

November 1st in NA. November 8th for Europe. $40. Gorgeous, but wouldn't it have been better as a Club Nintendo free item? Mario could have been the platinum gift for last year, and Luigi this year. I mean . . . *slaps forehead*

via Nintendolife

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Epoch and Takara Tomy in a Mario Kart 7 grand prix for table games

Both Takara Tomy and Epoch have the Mario Kart 7 license, and both have produced a table games. One is a board game from Epoch and the other is a motorized racing course from Takara Tomy.
So why is the Epoch game cooler than just a simple roll-the-dice affair? Because the dice are replaced with an electronic tilt-sensored steering wheel that players must manipulate to find out how far they go on the track. The LED display will show the moves allotted and other info. Cool!
The Takara Tomy GoGo Circuit is motorized and takes the karts (sold separately) up hills and around bends all while making the appropriate sound effects from the game.
More pics of both after the break.
Both have been released for some time (Takara's has been out since March for around $53, and Epoch's has been out since June for $35), but hey, they're new to me.

Amazon Japan for the Board Game
HLJ for the motorized circuit

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Super Mario Coin Rush Tower is like nothing we've seen before

Normally I have some frame of reference when looking at these Mario toys because there has already been one made during the SMW or SM64 time frames. This, however, is brand new. This item will release in mid October from Epoch at around $55. It requires batteries and uses lights, sound (plays three songs), and motion to entertain while players try to get the coins . . . somewhere. Heh. Another pic after the break.

via Amazon Japan

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Mario with Pipe 3D puzzle

Build this Mario 3D puzzle up and you have a coin bank shaped like a warp pipe. Mario is just there, I assume, to identify it as a Mario-themed pipe and not just some random green pipe. Because that would be weird. Released this month for around $16.

Seen on HLJ

Pikmin plug in

Potted Pikmin to plug into your earplug porthole on your portable phone. Alliteration. *winks*
Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has come out with this wonderful idea that follows the current Japanese trend of plugging your earphone jack with a character. Cell phone straps may be a thing of the past, as most of the new hot smart phones don't have the little strap hole.
These Pikmin arrive potted. Then you transplant them from the pots to your phone. Comes in the usual red, blue, and yellow varieties of Pikmin and each has the usual leaf, bud, and flower versions. Another pic after the break.

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Race like lightning to get the new Stars Catalog Mario Kart trophy

5000 stars will net you this amazing Lightning Cup trophy from the Mario Kart series. The insignia is removable from the base. This one is numbered, so race to that shopping kart!

Thanks Bianca!

Stars catalog

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Mega Man metal water bottle seen at TGS

TGS is a wild show, but we don't tend to see much swag coming out of it. This year, a 25th Anniversary Rockman (Mega Man) metal water bottle was given out, but was very hard to come by. Sellers on YJA are wanting around $250 for it. Yeesh. After the break there is a close up of the 25th logo.

YJA Auction

ThinkGeek invents the Travel Boy

Having trouble distinguishing your grey luggage from others' grey luggage? Buy this and the overwhelming nostalgia will make your luggage immediately recognizable. Goes really well with this, and this. Could even hold these.

Tokyo Game Show Figure shots

Click to see pictures of new Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Quest, Mario, Mega Man, Batman, and more. Most have been presented on this blog before. Check out that DQ slime hourglass though.

Kotaku picture gallery.

Theatrhythm to get figures

Theathrhythm Final Fantasy and its announced sequel may have been out of nowhere, but they have certainly resonated with fans. The music is some of the best in the industry, so no wonder it turned into a music game, even after the music game bubble burst. Now, the series is set to get some merchandising. While personally I did not enjoy the character redesigns, they are darn cute, so this makes sense. I could see a plush line over the figure line, but I'm sure they will sell. We only see Final Fantasy VII figures in the picture (*yawn*), so here's hoping several others are made into figures.
This was seen on NintendoTweet's Twitter on Tomopop.

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Spelunky figures for the treasure hunter in you

The smash hit indie game Spelunky has been making a cave-going treasure hunter out of everyone that tries it, and I love to see indie games getting merchandise, because how often does that happen?
FanGamer is offering these blind boxed for $5 a piece, or the whole set for $40. Here are all 10 characters in the set:

  • Spelunky Guy
  • The Damsel
  • The Shopkeeper
  • Tunnel Man
  • Caveman
  • Yeti
  • Mantrap
  • The Frogs
  • Jiangshi
  • The Golden Idol

Pic of the box after the break.

via Tomopop

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Rare Mario Coin Boxes and Bricks from Japan

Found these items at Yahoo Japan Auctions. After picking them I could no longer find them. They appear now and then, but they seem to only be one or the other, and they do not contain all the coins like these did.

Sonic lights up your day with this figure and Chaos Emeralds

You have to hand it to Jazwares. They have really given the blue blur a lot of love with all of the stuff they release. Now, they are finding a new way to plug an old figure: add light-up emeralds. It seems as though the emeralds light up by motion as well. The only thing better would be having a Super Sonic in the case with it. Or some sweet transforming figure. Or something. Still, I like all the incorporation of the items and accessories these days. Coming November this year.

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via Entertainment Earth