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Pit Figma. PIT FIGMA!

Samus? Check. Link? Check. Pit? Check! Palutena's winged angel hero flies into action with these teaser pics from Wonder Festival 2012.
Another pic after the break.

via Tomopop

ThreeA brings the big and the detail to the Halo series

In the land of gmaer toys, ThreeA is synonymous with two things: insane detail and massive size. I mean, have you seen their Metal Gears?
1/6 scale Halo figures of Commander Carter and Commando Spartan MkV are coming from ThreeA. They go on sale at the ThreeA store on August 1st. Select distributors will have Carter, but the Commando Spartan will be exclusive to this store. For more info on the articulation and features (and it's worth checking out), check out the article below.
Prepare to have your wallet take a hit, as these will be $200 each.

via Tomopop

Katherine from Catherine gets her figure in a figure

Catherine, who is really the face of the game, already got a figure, but what about Katherine? Well, now she's not left out either. Art Spirits is releasing this figure in November for 6,200 yen.

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Nendoroid Monster Hunter Swordsmen may be too cute to slay monsters

I mean, would you be intimidated by this guy? Well, I might fear for my ankles. The little guy sports the Lagia X Series armor and Thunder Blade Lagiacrus. He is up for pre-order now for 3,000 yen.

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Terry Bogard is the King of D-Arts figures

Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters is perhaps SNK's most known fighter. He is getting immortalized in sweet plastic come this November when Bandai D-Arts takes on the sculpt. D-Arts is perfect for fighting characters that demand lots of articulation for fighting move poses, and Terry is no exception. He'll be around $50. No news yet whether Bluefin will release in North America.

Thanks Mainman!

D-Arts Terry Bogard release website

Club Nintendo Japan laughs in Club Nintendo North America's face, and a Kirby metal medal

First, the North American Club Nintendo platinum prize Mario Characters Diorama Statue jumped to Europe, and some complained because it was one of the only items exclusive to the North American Club Nintendo. It looked the same. Japan now gets it, but it is infinitely better because the group is encased in a dome and has added detail and a base with branding and . . . well that's just not fair. Dangit Japan, couldn't you let us have just ONE?! For a bigger pic of this insult . . . hit the break.
To add insult to injury, a metal Kirby medal to add to the pile of stuff that North America (or Europe) will never see.

Mario dome diorama statue
Kirby medal

Super Mario 3D Land turns the spotlight on its various items

Bandai loves light-up items. They had four light up sets from their generic "Super Mario" line, and two from their New Super Mario Bros. Wii line, and now they're turning their focus on the new Mario merchandise cash cow, Super Mario 3D Land. The seven most memorable items from the game now have a glow effect and are encased in clear plastic and hung from a keychain. They're each a little over an inch (28mm). Turning the bit on the back will activate the glow effect.
Expect these in late August nowhere but Japan and ebay.

Take a whiff of Proto Man and Mega Man this fall

Mmmm. Robotics. Nothing like that oil and metal smell. Epic-Scents is teaming up with Capcom to combine fragrances with popular franchise characters. Mega Man gets to be the test market guinea pig. At least they didn't choose Resident Evil zombies.

via Rockman Corner

Riddler trophies and batarangs direct from Arkham City

Project Triforce is best known for video game weapon replicas, but have now branched out into video game in-game collectibles . . . collectibles. Both Batman and Catwoman Riddler Trophies, as well as some dangerous-looking batarangs, were shown at SDCC. Yes, the trophies light up. Yes, you can remove the steel batarang. The only riddle left to solve is where you're going to come up with the $350 (or $400 if you want the Catwoman red variant) to own these polystone beauties.
Green Riddler Trophy - 440 pieces worldwide (just like in the game!)
Red Riddler Trophy - 100 pieces worldwide
Batarang - $750 - 750 pieces worldwide.

All are expected out fourth quarter of 2012.

via Kotaku

SDCC reveals Sigma, Ride Armor, and Black Zero D-Arts figures

Looks like that Facebook poll on Bluefin's page really was a look into the future of their line. That Sigma looks AMAZING, and another Zero variant . . . and . . . Ride Armor?! I assume that anyone from the line could hop in, barring maybe Sigma who looks massive. Wow.

via Rockman Corner

Neca rolls out Chell outfit and accessories, and an Atlas Portal Device

Chell's jumpsuit comes in a range of XS-XXL. Those long-fall socks are hilarious. Then there's the Atlas Portal device to go with the original, the P-body, or the Cave Johnson versions. Also, a stand to display all of those Portal Devices.
Good luck getting . . . any of this stuff. Just went up a couple of hours ago. Links to all of the places to get them is on the Neca page.

@ Neca


Okami for PS3 gives Okami another chance to shine, and another round of goodies!

Japan's online Capcom store has updated with Okami goodness. A figure in globe, a scroll, and a medallion are goods that can be bundled with a copy of the game. Or, if you don't want the game (?!), you can just bundle the merchandise!
8800 yen will get you the game, the medallion, and the globe.
3990 yen will get you the game and medallion
6800 yen will get you just the globe and the medallion.
The scroll? Umm . . . anyone read Japanese? Heh. As it's not available for purchase, it must be a contest or raffle, so good luck with that one.

Hit the jump for pics of the other goods.

at e-Capcom

Never shake a baby, unless it's on the end of a stylus

$9.99 at Target. Each. I've always wondered why styli are so danged expensive, especially at retail. Baby Peach is also available. From PowerA.


Another balance game, but for Luigi this time

We've seen one before, but didn't you feel like they left someone out? Well, I did too, so I'm glad to see Luigi and the Yellow Toad get his own balance game stage. Odd that Spike appears in both . . . isn't it?


First4Figures teases Ganondorf

The Dark Lord is coming, says F4F's Facebook page. It is the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess version, so it will most likely been in scale with that already impressively large scale.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 receive some golden pre-order bonuses

If you're looking for real gold, you should go elsewhere (or play the game), but both Gamestop (USA)and GAME (UK) have announced pre-order bonuses for reserving the game. Gamestop has posted official art of Gold Flower Mario, saying that a pin will resemble that art. GAME will have a necklace featuring a gold coin case that replicates the in-game coins. It doesn't really give a size reference to show what you can store in the case, but my guess is it's 3DS cartridge size.

via Gametrailers

Club Nintendo USA reveals its Platinum and Gold prizes

Gold and Platinum prizes are posters and playing cards this year.
Set of three new posters featuring promotional art from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Kid Icarus: Uprising
Set of Mario-themed playing cards

Poster featuring artwork of Wii U launch software like Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U

Another calendar was released as well, and you can choose from several digitally distributed games as well, including The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

via GoNintendo

Super Mario 3D Land gets a stationary set

The third set of Mario stationary features scenes and art from Super Mario 3D Land, and includes some of the same item types as the previous sets from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Two pens, two pads of paper, stamps, and character erasers. This set also contains what appears to be a marker and a 1up hole puncher. If anyone can confirm that, comment here.

Worms 2 Armageddon Diorama Statue from First4Figures

The first of the statues created from First4Figures' new license, Worms, is available for purchase now at the F4F website. It perfectly captures the feel of the series' comic violence, with two signature worms battling it out with large guns (Uzi and Shotgun). Did you notice the grenade as well? Team17 will be proud, I suspect. The diorama will retail at $220 and is slated for an early 2013 release. 425 pieces worldwide as well, making it one of the most exclusive statues that F4F has produced.

via First4Figures