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VGMM shirts now available - highly limited!

$15 shipped to your door! Medium, Large, or XL. Inquire within this topic for one!
See how they'll arrive after break!

Bioshock Infinite Collector's Edition is a treasure trove

The long awaited Bioshock Infinite gets its own set of collectors editions.
The Premium edition:
64 page Art of Columbia Artbook
Handyman unpainted figure for Bioshock Infinite:Siege of Columbia Board Game
Lithograph for Devil's Kiss vigor by Jorge Lacera
Murder of Crows resin keychain
Digital soundtrack
Upgrades to start the game with
DLC content for PC, 360, or PS3

The Ultimate edition throws a 9.75" Songbird statue in with everything else.

See previews of everything and pre-order at the Bioshock Infinite site

More San-ei Mario plushes appear!

Not even on their site yet, but found on the Japanese Amazon site, San-ei is showing four new plushes coming out on Christmas day. At least, that's the date from the listings on Amazon. Funny enough, two of the plushes have been unofficially released (Dry Bones and Birdo) by counterfeiter types, but these are obviously higher quality.
Daisy, Dry Bones, Birdo, and a Magikoopa all have an ( S ) next to thei names in the listings, meaning they probably fall into San-ei's normal small size (around 7-9 inches). Each are ¥1,260, with Dry Bones being the only exception at ¥1,029.
Check out the translated description on Birdo:

The long-awaited character! Bullet ranks fourth in the series Super Mario Plush Doll! Mouth and big ribbon that is attached to the head of the dinosaur features. It is not a woman but actually it seems that women's appearance and behavior.

More pics after the break!

Catherine (Birdo)
Kamekku (Magikoopa)
Charon (Dry Bones)

Street Fighter X Tekken line of MiniMates moved up

Series one of this set will be in stores starting today, where series two will be released in January.
Series One:
Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Rufus vs. Julia (exclusive)
Chun Li vs. Hwoarang (exclusive)

Series Two:
Ryu vs. Yoshimitsu
Abel vs. Kazuya
Hugo vs. Heihachi (exclusive)
Rolento vs. Kuma (exclusive)

via GoNintendo via Capcom Unity

Two Tribes has Toki Tori stuff for sale

Remember that game that released on Game Boy Color called Toki Tori? Maybe you played the remake on WiiWare? Maybe you've heard there's a sequel on the way for Wii U? Well, if you're a fan, the Two Tribes store also added some merchandise to purchase, so go check it out.

Two Tribes Shop

via GoNintendo

Persona 4 Kuma Solar Dancing Figure

This Kuma figure, from the new Persona 4, is powered by the sun and dances when he has enough solar power. The two versions only have expression changes to differentiate them. Coming in January 2013.

Available to pre-order at NCSX for $18.90 a figure

Injustice gets a statue in its Collector's Edition

While there is some difference in quality (and price) between the PAL and NTSC versions, both regions will get collector's edition of the new DC brawler Injustice Gods Among Us from the creators or the Mortal Kombat series.
Both statues feature Wonder Woman fighting Batman, with Wonder Woman having the upper hand in both. However, the quality between the two is being discussed, with most saying the PAL version is getting the better statue. The collector's edition also comes with DLC content, a Justice League movie download, and a special DC comic.

Paladone quietly releases awesome Pac-Man and Tetris items

There's simply too many products to go into detail in a blog post like this, especially when Paladone has an awesome flash catalog set up with all the details. Go on and check it out for yourself.
Highlights definitely include the Tetris lamp you piece together (the pieces light up as they touch each other), Tetris cufflinks, Pac-Man sound plushes, Pac-Man radio controlled figures, Ghost salt and pepper shakers, and I have to admit all of the ice cube trays are pretty cool.
Post your favs in the comments!

And the secret figure for the latest Furuta Mario Choco egg set is . . .

Ice Mario! Will this be the final set, or will New Super Mario Bros. 2 or U inspire some more sets? Here's to hoping! These are some of the best figures out there!
Another pic after the break!

Boss Coffee in Japan can't resist another Mario Kart game promotion

Boss Coffee, known for previous Mario Kart promotions for Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS, is going a bit farther with their next promotion for Mario Kart 7. Apart from releasing a set of pullback figures on karts (seen after the break), they are releasing posed figure of several of the racers as well. Sets for both are already appearing on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Boss Coffee

New Super Mario Bros. 2 stylus set simply does not make sense

I played New Super Mario Bros. 2 and was never once compelled to use a stylus, yet, here is this stylus set from Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. It features the prominent items from the game, including the gold block and gold fire flower. Still, I would have liked to see those in a linking item set rather than a stylus set. This is due out mid December.

Mario Kart 7 3D figures show mario's mechanic side

Hobby Link Japan has listed a set of six Mario Kart 7 3D figures mostly containing items in the game, but does feature Mario with a wrench. Each box contains a scene from the game, box art on the backside, and a figure attached to a spring that bounces when shaken. These have been released by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S., and are 1600yen for a box of ten.

3DS pop-up games pop out of nowhere

Normally when we see game boxes they're just simple keychains sometimes released with miniature systems. This time, Epoch wanted to make them a little different by having the 3DS game carts pop out of the game boxes by pulling a card. Boy, that 3D really pops, eh? Five varieties are out now, including:

  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Nintendodogs + Cats - Toy Poodle & New Friends
  • Nintendodogs + Cats - Shiba Inu & New Friends
  • Visit the new at the Valve store, and another ThinkGeek Portal gun

    Seen the new? Why not head over to the Valve store and check it all out? The Dota 2 stuff is the newest, and some things, like the Team Fortress 2 Archimedes plush, have already sold out. Lots of shirts, accessories, and more. They're really big on inflatables, too.
    Lots of Portal 2 things as well, that are also available at ThinkGeek. Speaking of them, they have shown off a new portal gun that essentially takes the last three releases and combines them.

    Rabbids Meccano toys has you build the crazy

    These building sets from Meccano have you building the various contraptions the crazy Rabbids used in their various Wii-exclusive single-player experiences. Every box comes with the parts necessary to build the machine, a figure, and a race track or motor.
    Bigger pics after the break.

    Time Washing Machine
    Infernal Catapult
    Racing Trolley
    Crazy Toilet

    Thanks Firehawk!

    Pyro and Scout plushes from Team Fortress 2 ready to kill you softly

    NECA is going to release some Team Fortress 2 plushes, startign with Scout and Pyro. These bagged plushes are 13 inches tall and will be going on sale "soon".
    Hit the break for bigger pics.

    via NECA's blog

    New Mario Kart Wii items items get stocked at Toys R Us

    The new Mario Kart Wii K'Nex sets are now stocked at Toys R Us, complete with a new display above.
    They also got some pullback racers (Mario and Yoshi), and a set of five racing figures (individually or packed as a set).

    For pics of everything, (and a bonus), click "Read More".

    How to find which character you want with the Mario K'Nex individual racer packs

    These new figures are blind packaged, as opposed to the last set that had the character on the package.
    To read about how to decipher the code and get the character you want, hit the 'Read More" link!

    Maxwell from Scribblenauts gets a figure and you can wear his hat

    Scribblenauts is one of my favorite modern series, and its so nice to see it get some mainstream merch love. Jazwares has added pictures of the newly released hat and figure that are in stores now on their Facebook page. No info on prices, but I will go soon and find these and update when I know.
    Bigger pics after the break.