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Nintendo Power to release "Nintendo Gaming Super Stars" Vol. 1

Nintendo Power is releasing another special edition, this time compiling the "Star Power" articles that were running the last several months in the regular magazine and throwing in some posters.

From the site:

* Includes 10 pull-out posters (5 two-sided posters.)
* Filled with fun facts about the biggest stars and coolest cult characters of Nintendo gaming.
* Stunning page layouts printed on premium paper stock.
* Irreverent and informative, an entertaining way to learn about your favorite heroes.
* Second-edition revisions and updates

Pre-order via Future US

The Really Big San Diego Comic Con 2011 Video Game Toys Post

Like video game toys do ya? Well, right now the San Diego Comic Con is the place to be, as many gaming-related figures are being revealed for the first time? If you can't make it, the place to camp is on this post, as it will be updated with info as often as it comes available.

Let's get started. See bigger pics of all the stuff in that collage, and more info, after the break!

Angry Birds may have been way more popular than originally thought

Smell that? It's the smell of pie. Angry Birds pie. And everybody wants a piece. Evidently these dang birds are so stupid popular that now other manufacturers of plushes caught a whiff of the popularity and have begun to release their own take on the pig-killing fling-happy fowls.
Happy Birds (found at Costco), a set of four "dog toy" plushes in a box, come with three birds that share similar colors to the actual Angry Birds . . . and a purple pig.

KooKoo Birds, found at Wal-Mart, share many design similarities to the Angry Birds. Also, the timing of such a stupid plush on the cusp of the uber-popularity of the video game cannot be overlooked. Another pic of the bird after the break.

Super Mario Galaxy figures now available in dual packs

Bee Mario and Bee Mushroom, Bee Luigi and Star bunny? Sure! Rather than release the smaller items as their own blister-packaged entity and risk having them not selling at the higher price, Global Holdings is releasing some dual figure packs. We nearly have one complete set of Banpresto's smaller Super Mario Galaxy figures now, but with decreased quality in painting unfortunately.

The gels from Portal 2, now available commercially

Straight out of 1953, Aperture Labs' very own Propulsion, Repulsion, and Conversion gels are back on the market. This time less as a dietetic pudding substitute, and more of a video game novelty. This fully-licensed Portal 2 product comes with its own tin to contain the goo, and 3.2oz of pure science in each container.
With the blue Repulsion Gel (only $14.99!), you can jump higher! With the orange Propulsion Gel (only $14.99!), you can run faster, and with the white Conversion Gel (only $14.99!), you can create a surface fit for portals just about anywhere. Save $5 when buying all three together! Best used with an Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device.
Cave Johnson assures us that this version of the gels is completely non-toxic, and we all know that we can take Cave at his word.

Available at ThinkGeek

Sideshow Collectibles shows just how deadly Ezio can be . . . to your wallet

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a deadly assassin. He's known for killing people, but it appears that, with associate Sideshow Collectibles, he has found a new target: your wallet. For 600 bones, collectors can have a highly-detailed resin statue limited to 200 pieces worldwide in Quarter 3 this year.
It's an odd choice though, with a similar figure being found in the Black limited edition of the latest game, and Kotaku also points out that Hot Toys has a figure quite similar to this one that can be posed.
But maybe the statue aspect of it and the added durability it brings is more your bag. In that case, start saving.

Watch these Space Invaders watches be too expensive for anyone

Romain Jerome, a Swiss watchmaker known for using outlandish materials in its watches, has proposed a new line of watches based on 1978's beloved Space Invaders. There will be two styles, and each style will be limited to 78. That's only 156 watches worldwide, so you know that these will carry a hefty price tag. If that wasn't enough, the casing will contain parts of the Apollo 11 capsule. Yeah.
Release date and price forthcoming, but frankly I'm afraid. RJ's website will eventually have more info.

via Kotaku via Hypebeast

K'NEX Mario Karts now seen at Toys R Us

We already saw the bikes, but now the karts have been seen in stores. $12.99 is the asking price in store, much better than the $19.99 the website wants. This location had the karts and not the bikes, so it seems to be a bit of a craps shoot which vehicle set you'll find in stores. Love the simplistic packaging though.

Mario adds some spice to his life with mushroom salt and pepper shakers

Here's something I'm a little surprised hasn't been done yet: 1up and Super Mushroom salt and pepper shakers. Ensky will be sell these for ¥712 (~$9) this November. Looks like the actual shakers parts could get mixed up easily though.
It would be great if they continued the line and came out with Mario and Luigi, or Blue and Yellow Toad versions.
Closer shot after the break.

via Kotaku via Hobby Media

First4Figures presents Mario presenting you your DS of choice

So this offering from First4Figures is different than the previously released Mario DS holder because it lacks the star on the base and it will hold multiple versions of the DS (DS Lite, DSi, or 3DS). Missed opportunity then, as I think it should have included a 3DS charger base much like the one coupled with the 3DS system. Imagine, Mario's hands powering your 3DS! Suppose it would be more than $30 then . . . heh. 12 inches tall and made of PVC, so it'll be sturdy. This is coming next month, and you can pre-order it through them.

King of Games has been busy, adds Zelda and Mario Bros. shirts

It's a secret to everybody, but not anymore. A King of Games Legend of Zelda t-shirt with all of the 8-bit fixins is hard to pass up, even for the ¥6000 they're asking. I wish they ran some cheaper versions of the shirts. And sold in the U.S.
Next up is some classic art from Mario Bros., on another new Kong of Games shirt called "Play Style", which plays off the competitive or co-op play of the original game that introduced Luigi in '83. ¥4800 for this one that comes in both green and dark blue.
Both available from their site.

via Inside-Games

Furuta adds another set of Mario choco egg model kit figures

Yet another set for Furuta choco egg figures, and we still do not see the Koopa Kids completed. We get Iggy and Wendy, but are still missing Morton Jr. and Ludwig. I doubt that is the secret figure as well, because it has typically been a Mario figure, and that would mean only one Koopa Kid would be missing out. This means one of two things: we'll get another set after this, or we'll be missing two Koopa Kids. Let's hope it's not the latter!
In this set:
・ Mario holding Shell
・ Luigi in Penguin Suit
・ Yellow Toad (there will be a Blue Toad variant)
・ Pink Yoshi (there will be another Yoshi color variant)
・ Penguin Suit on Brick Block
・ Fishbone
・ Sea Urchin
・ Bramball
・ Pokey
・ Wendy O. Koopa
・ Iggy Koopa
・ Secret figure

Any guesses on the secret figure?

These will be coming in September 2011.

Mega Man Zero in beautiful full color from Kotobukiya

Mega Man Zero is coming this October for ¥3,200, and he packs several accessories and lots of articulation as well. The Kotobukiya line has already proven that they know their Rockman with the three other figures from the classic line, and they don't lose any momentum moving to another series. This figure is perfection when it comes to character likeness, and should be a lot of fun to pose.
Look to your favorite import shop for a pre-order.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Microfiber clothes and cases

Game systems these days need some screen wipes now and then, and the best way to clean them is with microfiber clothes. Now, you can have Mario on those clothes, and hold them in a little Mario-branded case that attaches to your system with a strap.
The clothes come in Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and two scenes from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Each case has a familiar Mario item on it, and each cloth is a little over a three inch square.
These will be out in September.

E3 2011 swag! - Additions 6/11/2011)

E3 2011 is now in full swing, and so are the ebay auctions! I hope you like lanyard giveaways! There are some other things, like shirts . . . and codes for virtual stuff. A few things of actual swag interest are available, though, so let's take a look.
Pics and descriptions off all this stuff after the break.

Uncharted 3's Collector's Edition is full of Treasure

A large "traveling chest" will hold the first full-figure Nathan Drake statue (an exclusive from Sideshow Collectibles), replicas of his famous buckle, Sir Francis Drake's ring on a necklace, and a special "steelbook" casing for the Uncharted 3 game disc.
The set will be released November 11th this year.
via Kotaku.

D-Arts Metallic variant Mega Man X available exclusively at upcoming San Diego Comic Con International

The Mega Man Network has received word from Adam Newman of Bandai that Bluefin and Tamashii Nations (a collector's label for premium goods in Japan) are making a metallic variant of the Mega Man X D-Arts figure. And it's not just the new paint job. It will also include an extra interchangeable face and extra hands and arms, a triple-shot X-Buster blast, and "superior articulation".
This special variant will be sold in limited quantities for the lofty price of $45 per figure. Start saving, and good luck!

via The Mega Man Network

Gamer flat bills invade Spencer's Gifts

If you've ever been to Spencer's Gifts, you'll already know that it is an eclectic shop where the line between teen and adult is often blurred. Nostalgia is peppered in amongst the downright lewd and raunchy, but if you stay to the front of the shop, you'll often find the more family-friendly apparel and accessories. Recently, gamer items have been spotted, including some shirts and belt buckles. However, seemingly exclusive to the shop are some flat bill caps: hats that are designed without the curve in the bill. Several Mario designs are available, including Mario, Wario, Bowser, Bullet Bill, Goomba, Dry Bones, and Donkey Kong. Also seen were Zelda, Sonic, and even Epic Mickey designs.

Thanks for the tip nfalax!

The designs can be seen in more detail here.

Angry Birds fling into Hot Topic

Hot Topic has been flooded with avian and pork products. It seems that, while the bird plushes sell in various places, the pig plushes can only be found here. For almost $13 more than buying the full game ($14.50), you can buy some of the various styles of pig plushes. The shirts, somehow, run higher, flying off with between $19.50 and $23.50 of your hard-earned dollars. There are also clip plushes that run $8.50.
By far, my favorite are the shirts that feature the "Flipping the Bird" tag line.
If you don't have a Hot Topic near you, these items can be purchased on their website.

Angry Birds at Hot

An Earthworm Jim Shirt for the Masses

Groovy, indeed! There just isn't much Earthworm Jim merchandise out there, even after several re-releases of the first game including a recent HD version. At one point there were rumors that a new games was coming out, but we haven't heard anything about it lately. Fans of the series can hopefully slake their lust for the super worm by purchasing this shirt from any fine retailer of gamer shirts.