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Animal Crossing New Leaf Character and Item Chains

NCSX has posted some new Animal Crossing New Leaf merchandise. This time around, Takara Tomy Arts has released some item and character item chains. Once regulated only to the Mario series, this new set has a great offering of stuff. Let's look at the list.

Top row, from left
» Totakeke
» Hamusuke
» Bouquet
» Tanukichi
Second row, from left
» Risetto-san
» Haniwa-kun
» Gift box
» Fossil
Third row, from left
» Coffee
» Apple

These are due out in May. $22.90 for the complete set isn't bad, either.

via GoNintendo

K'NEX rolling out a huge update to their Mario Kart line this coming June, and adding new licenses

K'NEX has big plans for Mario and the gang. Over at ToyWiz, they've stuck a bunch of pre-orders up in their store. The picture above has some repeated items, as it appears they are still deciding packaging. New items are listed below, and all seem to have a date of June 2013. The pricing on these looks pretty good too. Spot the new properties!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii:
Series 1 Mini Figure Mystery Pack [1 RANDOM Figure]

Mario Kart 7 items:
Donkey Kong Beach Buggy
Mario Glider
Peach Royal Ribbon
Yoshi Bumble V
Piranha Plant Slide Track Set

Super Mario license:
Stacked Goombas Set
Dry Bones
Mini figure 3-Pack Hammer Bros & Fire Mario with Mystery Figure (looks like the Mystery Figure is a Bob-omb)
Series 2 Mini Figure Mystery Pack [1 RANDOM Figure]
Cannon - no pics yet.
Flying Cloud - no pics.
Flying Cloud Building Set - no pics.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 items:
Mini figure 3-Pack Golden Mario & Fire Luigi with Mystery Figure (Gold Bullet Bill)
Mini figure 3-Pack Koopa Troopa & Boomerang Brother with Mystery Figure (Boomerang Flower)
Building Set Dry Piranha Plant
Building Set Reznor (Finally a Reznor figure!)

Super Mario 3D Land:
Prongo Building Set

Wow. That's a lot. Plenty of great new stuff not seen in any other Mario merchandise, like the new karts, Reznor, Gold Bullet Bills, etc.

Thanks for the tip Ultramagnus!

First 4 Figures releasing exclusive version of Darunia with red base two years after original

I got my Darunia Statue in Q2 of 2011. Available in Q2 2013 is another Darunia statue. This will be the exclusive version that has a red base with the Fire Medallion. Limited to 350 pieces worldwide, it is one of the most limited statue F4F has released so far.
This will cause controversy. Will First 4 Figures now go into their back catalog and start releasing exclusive versions of all of their statues? This may be good for people who missed out on the first run, but the install base that has already been buying statues may feel like the company is taking advantage of them. Will the "regular version" first releases lose value now that these exclusive versions are being released? Time will tell, but this is a dangerous gamble for the company.

Pre-order Darunia Exclusive Statue @ $209.99

New Zelda premium figure sculpts seen at London Toy Fair

Seen at the London Toy Fair in the Together Plus Booth, three new Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword premium figures, and a Ganondorf figure. Two links, one calm, one attacking, and the Robot Pirate found on the Ghost Ship in the desert. Odd choice, but he was pretty cool. The Ganondorf figure is in the same post as the F4F statue. These are obviously just prototypes. We're not even sure if we will get these yet, but it would be glorious if we did!

Go past the break to see shots of each and a video touring the booth from "FiveElementDist".

Thanks xdarnokx!

Bubble Bobble plushes!

Found by the eagle eye of community member Foxwhisker, these Bub and Bob plushes were at the London Toy Fair 2013. These were seen in the Together Plus booth. Other details? I have none! So you'll just have to drool over them for now. Two sizes are seen, small and large. Any new info will be updated in this post.

Square Enix releases pictures of the third Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts line

The images show the five diorama-type scenes will be from The Grid (Tron), Timeless River (Steamboat Willie), Atlantica (Little Mermaid), Destiny Islands, and Halloween Town (Nightmare Before Christmas). This series has traditionally sold very well and we have some very popular entries this round. We'll post when more details arise about this set. For now, just drool.

After playing some action-packed Mega Man games, why not sleep on these Mega Man pillows?

GE Animation is still having fun with its Mega Man license, now releasing some pillows. A fighting robot may not seem like the most snuggly thing, but just look how cute that Mega Man Powered Up Mega man is! It';s listed as coming soon/no price yet, so no more info.

New Mario metal pinbacks bring back classy

Out in Japan now, this set of eight metal pins bring five classic characters (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Goomba, and Koopa Troopa) and three iconic items (Mushroom, Fire Flower and Question Block) to your jacket . . . or pinboard. Great classic art! Luigi isn't pictured. Haven't found him yet.

via Inside-Games

Morigangu thinks there needs to be more more Mario Kart RC racers out there

There are a lot of different Mario Kart racers out there. Some motorized. Some radio controlled. Some pullback. Some slot car. Morigangu has decided to add another set of four to the radio-controlled variety. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser all come in correctly-colored karts based on the Mario Kart 7 color scheme. In Japan, 1260 yen will get you one of these karts to race around. As you might expect from a two-button racer, one is go and the other is reverse. Each racer runs on two AA batteries. The detail is nice, but it is just a flooded market.
Closer pics of each after the break.

via Inside-Games

VGMM featured in Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition

Yup, I'm the guy. The guy with the Guinness World Record for the largest video game memorabilia collection. While I am proud of that achievement, the real story about the collection lies with this site, and all the achievements therein. I must thank the amazing community that comes here day after day. Game on!

More info:
Guinness Promotional Video
Aftermath video

Animal Crossing New Leaf plushes

We don't have a release date in the states for the new Animal Crossing game, New Leaf. We do, however, know about some plushes coming to promote the game in Japan. San-ei teases us all with this new set. Come February, at least we can snuggle the new plushes even if we can't yet play the game.
The included plushes are as follows.
1) K.K. Slider aka Totakeke (18cm or 7.08" in height)
2) Tom Nook aka Tanukichi (16cm or 6.29" in height)
3) Shizue aka Hisho (20cm or 7.87" in height)
4) Lisa aka Risa (21cm or 8.26" in height)
5) Kicks aka Shank (16cm or 6.29" in height)
6) Porter (15cm or 5.90" in height)
7) Mr. Resetti aka Resetti-san (17cm or 6.69" in height)

Each is $18.90 at NCSX

via NCSX blog

SK Japan gives Kirby an inflated ego

SK Japan continues to churn out quality Kirby stuff. This time, they take a not from Kirby's past. During the Kirby 64 era, an inflatable plush just like these was released, but by BONBON and Hal. Now, SK Japan has two "BIG" versions of Kirby, both happy, but one is just a smile and one has a mouth open smile. See more pictures after the break.

Machinarium's Robot Josef plushified

Ever played Machinarium? It's like a point and click adventure game of yore combined with a unique puzzle game in a gorgeous junkyard setting. Think Abe's Oddyssey with robots, but it's more than that.
Josef, the main character, has now been given the plush treatment and you can adopt one for $30 straight from the game's developers. He even pops his top and you can put stuff in him. So cute.

Nathan Drake statue is no Sideshow

Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter/mass murderer from the Uncharted series. Now he is immortalized in premium-format polystone statue from Sideshow Collectibles. You can be alerted when more details appear by putting your email in here and you can see a video about it at Kotaku. This is Nate from Uncharted 3. So, when is Sully due out? I hope he talks.

SK Japan expands on its Kirby license

SK Japan has been producing a lot this year, and now, moving forward with their 20th Anniversary line comes some Kirby Lights, Kirby coin purses (yeah, I swore these were fake until I did some research), and some Kirby wind-up figures!
Hit the break for more details on the three sets.

Furuta releases a New Super Mario Bros. Wii Choco Egg Mix that has a new secret

Just like they did with the original set of choco egg figures, Furuta is releasing a mix of the four previously released sets in a new set.
The mix set includes:
Penguin Suit Luigi
Penguin Suit on Brick
Green Yoshi Egg on Brick
Green Yoshi
Pink Yoshi
Green Koopa Troopa
Red Koopa Troopa
Piranha Plant
Mecha Koopa
1 ???

The sticky part? That means there is a new secret figure not released in ANY other set! If you want to see it, click the break!

You guys. Figma Pit is painted now. And Dark Pit. Guys. Pre-Orders! GUYS!

Wow. I was so impressed with my Link Figma from Max Factory that looking at these Pit and Dark Pit Figmas from Kid Icarus Uprising gets me really excited. Click here for some more pics.

Thanks Lalam!

Pre-order now!

Thanks LUIGI171!

Half Life's Gravity Gun 1:1 replica coming from NECA

Alyx Vance introduces Gordon Freeman, both of Half-Life fame, to the Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator, or the Gravity Gun. NECA decided to bring it to the rest of us, and will be showing it off at the NY Toy Fair this February. They also mention that it will not be as limited as the Portal Guns and that pre-orders will start soon. Release is set for Spring of '13.

via NECA blog

Gaming Heads' Sniper stares at you through his scope

Four versions of Team Fortress 2's Sniper came out for pre-order today. A Red and Blu version, and exclusives of both, adding the Sniper's shield, the Razoback. The 14" statues release in Available Q2 2013, and the exclusives are set at $235 each and the regular versions sit at $220. So, you have to ask yourself if a small shield on the back is worth $15. Only 350 pieces each of the exclusives will be produced, juxtaposed with the 750 the regular versions both receive. Click over to Gaming Heads to see an impressive photo gallery of each version.

via Gaming Heads

Takara brings Dream Tomica racers and fires up Bowser's Castle with Choro-Q

Takara Tomy is enjoying its license for Mario Kart 7. It has introduced a new Choro-Q racing set, which are motorized RC tracks that feature obstacles found in-game. This track has Thwomps and lava. Mario and Bowser are shown on the track in the pics after the break, but they do not come with the track. There are several other Choro-Q racers that are compatible with these tracks as well. Not a cheap collection though. This track is over at AmiAmi for 2340 yen. The individual karts can be 3000 yen each. Weird that the karts would be more expensive than the track, but the real tech is in the karts and controllers.
Takara Tomy has also introduced a "Dream Tomica" line, featuring Yoshi in the Bumble V kart. Both Mario and Yoshi are at AmiAmi for 470 yen. Mario in the standard kart can be seen after the break. I hope to see more racers in special karts from the line!