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Mario Kart 7 3D figures show mario's mechanic side

Hobby Link Japan has listed a set of six Mario Kart 7 3D figures mostly containing items in the game, but does feature Mario with a wrench. Each box contains a scene from the game, box art on the backside, and a figure attached to a spring that bounces when shaken. These have been released by Takara Tomy A.R.T.S., and are 1600yen for a box of ten.

3DS pop-up games pop out of nowhere

Normally when we see game boxes they're just simple keychains sometimes released with miniature systems. This time, Epoch wanted to make them a little different by having the 3DS game carts pop out of the game boxes by pulling a card. Boy, that 3D really pops, eh? Five varieties are out now, including:

  • Super Mario 3D Land
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Nintendodogs + Cats - Toy Poodle & New Friends
  • Nintendodogs + Cats - Shiba Inu & New Friends
  • Visit the new at the Valve store, and another ThinkGeek Portal gun

    Seen the new? Why not head over to the Valve store and check it all out? The Dota 2 stuff is the newest, and some things, like the Team Fortress 2 Archimedes plush, have already sold out. Lots of shirts, accessories, and more. They're really big on inflatables, too.
    Lots of Portal 2 things as well, that are also available at ThinkGeek. Speaking of them, they have shown off a new portal gun that essentially takes the last three releases and combines them.

    Rabbids Meccano toys has you build the crazy

    These building sets from Meccano have you building the various contraptions the crazy Rabbids used in their various Wii-exclusive single-player experiences. Every box comes with the parts necessary to build the machine, a figure, and a race track or motor.
    Bigger pics after the break.

    Time Washing Machine
    Infernal Catapult
    Racing Trolley
    Crazy Toilet

    Thanks Firehawk!

    Pyro and Scout plushes from Team Fortress 2 ready to kill you softly

    NECA is going to release some Team Fortress 2 plushes, startign with Scout and Pyro. These bagged plushes are 13 inches tall and will be going on sale "soon".
    Hit the break for bigger pics.

    via NECA's blog

    New Mario Kart Wii items items get stocked at Toys R Us

    The new Mario Kart Wii K'Nex sets are now stocked at Toys R Us, complete with a new display above.
    They also got some pullback racers (Mario and Yoshi), and a set of five racing figures (individually or packed as a set).

    For pics of everything, (and a bonus), click "Read More".

    How to find which character you want with the Mario K'Nex individual racer packs

    These new figures are blind packaged, as opposed to the last set that had the character on the package.
    To read about how to decipher the code and get the character you want, hit the 'Read More" link!

    Maxwell from Scribblenauts gets a figure and you can wear his hat

    Scribblenauts is one of my favorite modern series, and its so nice to see it get some mainstream merch love. Jazwares has added pictures of the newly released hat and figure that are in stores now on their Facebook page. No info on prices, but I will go soon and find these and update when I know.
    Bigger pics after the break.

    PAX Prime 2012 Swag roundup

    Another major game convention has come and gone, and left a pile of swag out there for collectors. Let's take a look! (Hit "Read More"!)

    Bandai's D-Arts line adds some classic Blue Bomber

    The D-Arts line has been a very fun and rewarding line for Mega Man collectors. Looking forward, we have Sigma, Ride Armor, and Black Zero, and now we can add Classic Mega Man and Rush. And a Metall!
    The figure, pending all the licensing and paperwork, is slated for this December, and will retail around ¥3,780 (about $50).

    via The Mega Man Network

    Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 5 is anoth- OMG IT'S KEFKA!

    Kefka. Kefka Palazzo. The big bad from Final Fantasy VI finally gets a figure that isn't all God-like or chibi. Also completely overshadowed in this set are:

    -Shiva (FFVIII)
    -Alexander (FFVIII)
    -Bahamut (FF Type-0)

    These will be released in January 2013, and you can pre-order either at AmiAmi or the Square-Enix Japan shop.

    via Final Fantasy Merchandise

    New "Ultra Detail" figure set from Medicom is a long-time collector's dream

    AmiAmi just posted a new line of six figures featuring both Link and Mario, and it takes them through the major points of their respective franchises. Classic Mario has his pre-90's red pants, blue shirt, and awkward pose. Funny that I'm most drawn to him out of the three Marios. Tanooki Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3 looks great as well, and very true to the original art, and the New Super Mario Bros. version looks better than ever with a fun pose.
    The real star of this show is Classic Link, coming straight off the first page of the Japanese manual, and is now my favorite Link figure of all time. I've longed dreamed of owning a classic-looking Link like this and Medicom is my new favorite company for it! The Link from Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is in a great pose with a great expression as well, and while there aren't pictures yet, a Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Link is planned as well, rounding out the "from classic to modern" set.
    Each figure is approximately 2.5" and was sculpted by Yohei Kaneko.
    The set is scheduled for release late January in 2013.

    Classic Mario
    Tanooki Mario
    NSMB Mario
    Classic Link
    Wind Waker Link
    Skyward Sword Link

    Closer pics after the break!
    Thanks Melda and Valendorf!

    Super Mario Special Edition Collector's Case

    If, somehow, you missed buying the first two waves of figures that have been re-released and repackaged in almost every way imaginable, this is for you. It's also a pretty cool item if you own all of the figures in the first two waves as well.
    Twelve figures are in the set, and each has there own little spot in the case, which is shaped like Mario. The mold on the inside looks like one of those flimsy plastic molds that either barely hold the figures or hold them so tight you have to ruin the plastic trying to get them out.
    These should be appearing in stores soon! Go past the break for a shot of the inside.

    Mario figures go to the Max

    These giant "Max figures" from Banpresto are shipping this November 2012, and feature art from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. NCSX has them up for pre-order for a little under $30 a piece.

    New Sonic Plushes from San-ei

    A set of five new plushes featuring Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Tails, and Shadow. A few years back they released a similar set, but the patterns on these have improved. San-ei's quality of late have probably put them in the highest plush quality on the market right now for video game characters.
    These are out now!
    Thanks Foxwhisker!

    San-ei page

    Gamescom swag roundup

    There's kind of a big deal going on in Cologne, Germany. It's called Gamescom, and most of the big developers show up to show off games and give out goodies, just like at E3. Let's take a look at what was available, shall we? Hit the jump!

    New Super Mario Bros. 2 merchandise is about your gold coins

    My most anticipated Mario game in a long time is nearly here, and I don't think I've ever seen Mario merchandise swifter to market than this game. While the game has been out in Japan for a little while, seeing merch before the North American launch is definitely unprecedented when the launch windows are so close. That aside, these water toys are easy to make and re-brand, making them a staple for manufacturer Epoch. Expect a November release.

    Legend of Zelda. Hyrule Historia. North America. UK. Australia. Yes.

    Hysteria for Historia is going on is the dwellings of all Zelda fans, as the Hyrule Historia Zelda Encyclopedia is being localized by my new favorite company Dark Horse Comics. Coming to North America, UK, and Australia.
    January 29th, 2013 is the current release date. Also, $34.99 is the price tag. OH MY YES!

    via tons of outlets

    Club Nintendo goes for the gold . . . finally

    After all other regions, Club Nintendo North America updated today with the Gold Nunchuk for 900 coins. Now we can finally complete our Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Wii Remote Gold set!

    Click here for the page

    Kirby goes large with another set of figures

    It's Kirby's 20th Birthday, and to celebrate some more, Takara Tomy is releasing a second set of figures based on the Kirby Return to Dreamland game on Wii. There are five in the set including:

    1. Fire Kirby
    2. Sleep Kirby
    3. Mic Kirby
    4. Beam Kirby
    5. Ice Kirby

    via Inside-Games