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Tanooki Mario turns to plush instead of stone

National Console Support has released some info on these fabulous new Tanooki Mario plushes from San-ei. There are two sizes, small and medium, or big and small, really. These will ship in 2012.
Thanks Natendo!

Cheaper at HLJ

Play Arts Kai news includes Vanquish pre-order and Kratos joins the crew

Sam and Boggy are now available at your favorite import shop. They'll retail at ¥6,500 in April and come with boatloads of accessories. Not sure if the game was popular enough to support the price jump, but we'll find out.
Also out in April is a Kratos Play Arts Kai figure. He'll come with hands and swords to swap out, and he's ten inches tall, leading to a ¥5,800 price tag.

More Vanquish and Kratos info at Tomopop

Kingdom Hearts 3D's Dream Eater Plushified

What? Kingdom Hearts 3D isn't out yet? Yes, it is odd to see merchandise precede a game's release, but I'm all for it! "Wonder Nyan" will be available though the Square-Enix shop (in Japan-only so far, of course) in Spring, but you can pre-order it now for ¥3,800. Two more pics after the break, including a butt shot.

via Siliconera

Star Fox, Steel Diver Figures for Land, Air, and Sea

Many people were hoping that the re-release of games like Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 3D would mean a second chance at merchandising. Both games have produced figures now, as we see an Arwing, the Landmaster Tank, and even the Blue Marine available for collecting in May this year. The "Nintendo Mechanical Kit Collection" also includes three subs from Steel Diver. They will retail at ¥300 each.

via Siliconera

And the winners of the VGMM 2011 Contribupoints Contest are . . .

And now, the winners are:

1st: yoshiyoster
2nd: Sephiroth_2487
3rd: Boba
4th: Natendo
5th: lightsnowfalling

Congrats to you all!
The real winner is me, with great contributions to the database for my site, and a great community of friends to help me with my projects!

More info here.

And Happy New Year!

Mario pocket watches for the more discerning Mario collector

A set of four Super Mario Bros. Hatena Block Pocket Watches just released and are appearing on many Japanese sites. The metal pocket watches are each shaped like the question block from the original game and come in a question block tin that has a window to see the watch. The face of the watch features 8-bit scenes from the game. I have not found a site selling them yet, but several are on Yahoo Japan Auctions right now.
They tend to close for about 1250yen a watch, which isn't bad considering everything that goes into making them.
Closer pics of the styles after the break. Classy!

DIY PotatOS is ThinkGeek's best science kit ever

As I did, you may have missed the release of the GladOS (or PotatOS as some have dubbed . . . her? It?) Science Kit over at ThinkGeek. Well, it's amazing, as you may expect. You have to provide your own potato . . . seriously . . . and it says GladOS' best phrases from the game. And blinks. Hey, there's not much power to go around here.
$24.99 on sale right now. Just keep it away from birds. And any Wheatley flashlights you may have purchased.
A picture of the box it comes with folded out to be a science display and a video of the assembled product are after the break.

The Legend of Zelda Series Figure Collection shows Hero of Time's travels

With the official Zelda series timeline just released in the Hyrule Historia book, Zelda fans are all reminiscing about Link's adventures with Zelda in Hyrule. To commemorate this event in figure form, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. is releasing a set of six figures featuring Link and Zelda in three of their most notable adventures. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has young Link and young Zelda, Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass has Tetra and Link (in poses that appear to have been previously released in the gashapon figures sets), and brand new Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword figures. All of the poses look great and come directly from official art.
Hobby Fan are the only ones that have this listed so far, and they have attached a release date of late June 2012 to the set. You can pre-order a set from them for $34.99, discounted from $39.99.
Thanks Dark Link!

King of Games' new shirt pulls out all the stops for Zelda's 25th

The King of Games is known for their high quality video-game-related shirts at premium prices. Most of their designs merit the price tag, but this one takes the cake.
The shirt to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Zelda comes in two colors (forest green and black, with varying colors on the main design as well), and also has a 25th anniversary logo on the back, an embroidered tag featuring the heart container, metallic printing on the shield, special printing to make the intertwined ivy pop out as if it's 3D, a glittery triforce, and an ivy design on the sleeves. Even the box is gold!
The price will be ¥5500, and fans can order either shirt color between Dec. 24th - Feb. 20th in all sizes XS-XL.
Thanks Genome!
Click "read more" to see a boat load of other photos from various angles of the shirt.
Order page

Mario figures get even more puzzling

AmiAmi has some new pre-orders up for some Mario figures from Ensky, but these aren't your average Mario figures. These are some assembly required. As you can see from the pic, the figures have puzzle pieces etched out of them. Ensky is calling them KumuKumu puzzle figures, and they are due out in March 2012. AmiAmi is selling them with their normal pre-order discount at ¥620 each.

Thanks Melda and Valendorf!

Green Yoshi
Fire Mario
Pink Yoshi

Clean your screen with Mario and pals

Seems Mario's face is appearing everywhere these days, including on your screen. No, not in the game, but actually on the screen, while cleaning it. The backs of these keychains have soft microfiber perfect for cleaning screens without harming them. Three varieties. 680 yen each, but you can grab them at AmiAmi for the usual discount, making them 600 yen each.
Mario screen cleaner
Mario on Yoshi screen cleaner
Mushroom screen cleaner

Mario Blister Keychain Set in Real Life

Remember that blister keychain set? Let's get a good look at the full set in its actual packaging.

Snag them here for ¥2,388.

Mario wants to whisper in your ear with these ear buds

Ear buds and ear bud holders are all the rage, so it's about time that Mario got in on the gig. Now you can deck out your favorite . . . mobile listening device or . . . music transference contraption . . . with 8-bit Mario sprites!
List price has the buds at ¥2,079 each and the holders at ¥924 each. They're out now!
Mario whomps Goomba bud holder
Mario on block bud holder
Mario jumping ear buds
Mario sliding ear buds
While these are so far exclusive to Japan, there are some Mushroom (Super and 1up) ear buds available in USA stores like Toys R Us.

Your argument will soon be invalid because I'll be able to wear a Protoman Fleece Hemlet . . . and other stuff

Coming 3/30/2011, a Proto Man fleece helmet will be available for purchase. You will be able to instantly win any argument, especially on the internet, with this upcoming product from Great Eastern Entertainment. By seeing through Blues' sunglasses, you will be able to craft the perfect retort in any debate situation. Okay, so maybe it's just a cool hat.
Also coming on that date are a Mega Man Powered Up drawstring bag, and some sticker and magnet sheets.

You can see more info here, and if you're a retailer you can pre-order these for your store.

Mario Kart Wii pullbacks add new zip to previously released figures

While there are essentially no new figures here because of previous sets, these figures do have new mechanics built into them allowing owners to pull them back, let them go, and have honest-to-goodness races with Mario Kart characters. It makes so much sense for this series that I'm surprised they release non-pullback figures at all. Of course, the next best thing is controllable RCs, and there are plenty of those out there too. Funny that Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. would release these so close to the next game (Mario Kart 7, that I'm sure we'll see a lot of in the merch to come.
The last two sets came in boxes, so I'm wondering if this set will follow suit, but from the pic after the break, it appears these will come in capsules. It will retail at ¥1,350.

Thanks Genome!


Sonic Nendoroid up for pre-order

The Sonic Nendoroid is now up for pre-order at various retailers. Retail is ¥3,334, but pre-ordering can save some cash. Sonic is fast, but you'll still have to wait until April 2012 for him to arrive.

Hobby Search
Hobby Link Japan

Dragon Quest III's Erdrick (Loto) Armor is a sight to behold

Dragon Quest III's hero is all decked out in Erdrick's armor, helmet, sword and shield. At around seven inches tall, he could probably whoop most figures in your collection. The retail is at ¥5,800, and with the detail exhibited in this figure, it's worth every penny. I'm not really even a DQ fan, and this figure is very tempting to me. Figure perfection.
Get it here or here.
More pics after the break.

via Tomopop

Aperture Laboratories releases a less-than-lethal shower curtain to remember the past

ThinkGeek knows what it's doing with the Portal license. They've decided to release what made Cave Johnson all those millions back in the day: a shower curtain that contains less than 1% mercury. While I don't think ThinkGeek will get any government contracts (especially from the Navy), these will go fast. Cave would be proud. He'd also like these Portal cookie cutters.

D-Arts Zero (Type 2), Comic Zero, and Vile appear at the Tamashii Nation 2011 event

Bandai's D-Arts line of toys is very popular, so we should see a pretty steady set of releases from now until . . . they are not. Here are the next three in the line. Two more Zeros, this time sporting his Type 2 armor and his Comic version, and Vile. I guess they finally solved that shoulder cannon dilemma. More pics, including Type 2 Zero, after the break.

Thanks Mainman!
via Moeyo

New Portal flashlights shed more light on ThinkGeek's exclusive Portal merchandise series

Wheatley is just a blue LED flashlight for $20, but the Turret is a flashlight packed full with sound effects for $25. Both will be packaged with the Aperture propaganda seen in the game. I can see this easily becoming a series, with more personality spheres and gadgets from the game.