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Assassin's Creed bath robes, because . . . why not?

There's plenty of hoodies out there for the Assassin's-Creed-loving fan, but not many bath accessories. Insert Coin is changing that with its "Eagle Peak" bath robe. It's around $75 before shipping from the UK.

via Kotaku

Takara brings to light another Nintendo History LED controller set

Takara Tomy Arts felt that the first set of controller lights just didn't cut it, so they decided to release another set. For those of you following, there was an egregious absence in the last set easily corrected here: the Gamecube controller! Also seen is the second player controller from the Famicom, the "dogbone" New NES (AV Famicom in Japan), and two Wii Remotes. These are the Wii Motion Plus controllers, in red and white flavors. These all house LEDs that emit red light, for whatever reason, and if they're anything like the last set, are surprisingly strong.

Okami hoodie set to appear in Capcom store soon . . . ish?

I don't really like to post stuff with so little details, but how cool are these? I'll update when e-Capcom puts them up.

Syco Collectibles brings Connor from Assassin's Creed III

A $40 pre-order over here will net you this highly detailed figurine of the new main character of the latest Assassin's Creed. Coming in January 2013.

via GoNintendo

Some new movie about games came out, let's look at merch for Wreck-It Ralph!

So Disney came out with this movie called Wreck-It Ralph. You may have been subject to some of its advertising campaign, which was brilliant. Of course, as with any Disney property, the merchandising has flowed into stores. Today at Toys R Us, in the Disney section, I saw the large figures of Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz, the Wreckin' plush hands, and the collectible figurine of Ralph.
The figurine barely looks like Ralph. Not too impressed. There is also a Hero's Duty version I did not see.
The big action figure was spot-on and had quotes from the movie. Very nice. The giant hands looked fun. I thought they would be more like the Hulk hands though from the early merch pictures. In plush form, Ralph's hands don't look as iconic. The foam hands are definitely better.
Vanellope is obviously more marketed to girls, coming with girly accessories and even packaging. It's actually quite the juxtaposition sitting next to each other on the shelf.
Disney is really banking on the Sugar Rush game side of the flick with its merchandising. I don't know if you guys have seen this lot of plushes based on the game, but I found it odd that so much marketing went towards this one.
More pics of MUCH more merch, including pins, books, figures, and even elongated pennies, after the break.

Jazwares draws folks in with Scribblenauts merchandise

As previously discussed, there is now official Scribblenauts merchandise. Hpwever, I underestimated the amount. Plushes, collectible figurines, and figures now stock the shelves of my local Toys R Us.
A plush Maxwell and Dinosaur were in a display box. If you ask me, the dinosaur looks like any other dinosaur and really doesn't do that good of a job looking like the T-Rex from the game, which is right there on the tag to compare. Maxwell looks great though. Very similar to the promo plush released with the first game.
There is only one figure so far. Maxwell comes with a mace, notebook, starite, wings, and a ray gun.
The collectible figures were a surprise. The back shows Maxwell, Maxwell with wings and a sword, the Doppleganger, Lily, and Maxwell riding a flying polka-dotted bathtub. I only saw the Maxwell varieties. I would have snatched up a Doppleganger tout suite.
Hit the break to see all of the stuff from Jazwares!

New Super Mario Bros. 2 gashapon set from Takara is solid gold

Takara Tomy ARTS is releasing a set of gashapon that has the best of New Super Mario Bros. 2. Mario? Check. Raccoon Mario? Yup. White Raccoon Mario? Oh yeah! Gold Blockhead Mario? Heh, yea. Gold Mario? Yes. There's even a Luigi with coins. No Kitsune (Fox) Luigi, but it's a great set nonetheless. Coming late January 2013.

via ET-C

Super Mario T-Arts rubber keychains

On November 6th in Japan Takara Tomy ARTS is releasing a set of rubber keychains featuring iconic items and characters from the Mario franchise. There are eight in the set.

  • Mario
  • Coin Block
  • Super Mushroom
  • 1up Mushroom
  • Red Shell
  • Fire Flower
  • Blopper
  • Boo

They will be released in capsules.

via ET-C

Kingdom Hearts Heartless plush steals your heart

The staple lowly foe in Kingdom Hearts has always been endearing. They're curious and cute, but can also be lethal in large numbers. These pawns have only appeared in figure form so far, but seemed a shoo-in for a plush. Now, Square-Enix is finally making it a reality. He's out in February 2013 for ¥3200, and is available for pre-order at various import shops. Don't forget to grab the Tron Sora and Riku pre-orders if you want them too.

via Tomopop

Twilight Symphony extremely limited edition soundtrack available for pre-order

From the folks that brought you the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony and the Symphony of the Goddess tours, this Twilight Symphony 3 disc orchestral arrangement from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Joypad Records will be releasing the album.
1000 physical copies will be made, but 500 of those are already spoken for, as Kickstarter and Chip-In donators get those copies. So, there are 500 physical copies to buy.
The digital copies will go live in mid-November.
At time of posting there are 365 copies available to order. $50 each!
Thanks SoulDreamX!

Go now, and good luck!

NES backpack travels to ThinkGeek

The nostalgic bag features lots of pockets and space on the inside and measures 11" X 5" X 20". $50 is the askign price. Don't forget to check out their NES Reversible messenger bag too.

ThinkGeek's NES Backpack

A new set of mini Super Mario pouches

These mini pouches are huge in Japan. You see most of the carrying images from the Mario Kart series, but now the Super Mario license has brought a set of eight new pouches to retailers. Three Mario varieties, along with Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Luigi, and Toad round out the set.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 mega case, and Mario and Luigi 3DS LL cases

Take one look and you might think this New Super Mario Bros. 2 case is just another DS case, until you realize that it fits a 3DS, several games, your AR cards, and more. Also released are Mario and Luigi zipper cases that will fit a 3DS LL (3DS XL here in North America). I'd expect the Mario and Luigi cases to come over to North America sometime soon, as the smaller case was brought over this year.

The Mega Case is available at AmiAmi for 1700yen
The Mario and Luigi cases are available for 1020 at AmiAmi.

Super Mario 3D Land Large Figure Collection

A set of four large figures from Super Mario 3D Land came out of nowhere this week. Mario, Boomerang Mario, Bowser, and a Tanooki Goomba were released, and each is about 1000yen each. Several auctions have appeared on Yahoo Japan Auctions for the figures, but no stores are carrying them yet, leading me to believe they are one-off promotionals or only available in crane games. Each figure comes on a stand with pegs if necessary.

Click the break for other shots of the box and to get an idea of size. The boxes sit approximately 10" tall, so the figures are probably about 8" tall.

Bass/Forte and Treble/Gospel D-Arts and more at the Tamashii Nations 2012 exhibition

Bass, known as Forte in Japan, was introduced in Mega Man 7. While that game doesn't tend to top many fans' lists, Bass took off due to awesome character design. Bass also came with his own version of Rush, names Treble (or Gospel in Japan). Together, they made a fearsome team. Now, Tamashii Nations has teased Bass and Treble at their Tamashii Nations 2012 exhibition in Japan. Also notice all of the color variants for Mega Man in the background! No real info on these yet, but it's great to see the pair getting the D-Arts treatment.
Closer pic of Bass and Treble after the break, as well as the variants, and a new Sigma shot.

via the Mega Man Network

Burger King Wii U promotional toys revealed

Burger King and Nintendo are hooking up to advertise the release of the new Nintendo Wii U console through promotional toys. It's been a while since we've seen any fast food Nintendo promotions!
There are ten toys in the set:

  1. Super Mario Figure
  2. Luigi figure (Plastic Luigi figure with movable arms and legs)
  3. Super Mario Cloud Racers
  4. Super Mario Chuckin' Shell (Pullback Koopa Troopa Shell)
  5. Diddy Kong's Link Up (like Barrel of Monkeys)
  6. Barrel Down Donkey Kong (DK barrel bowling game)
  7. Mario Shell SHooter (Wii U Gamepad that launches discs with pictures of Koopa shells at a target)
  8. Wii U Sticker Dispenser (Wii U Gamepad shaped box with sticker sheets inside)
  9. Wii U Piranha Plant Catch (Wii U Gamepad shaped ball catch game)
  10. Super Mario Mustache Maker (Wii U Gamepad shaped mold and black clay to make a Mario mustache)

One each that come in a special BK Crown box with meal. Each toy also comes with a sticker sheet. See more of the items after the break.

Burger King's BK Crown site

Furuta adds Mario Kart 7 pullbacks

Furuta has announced a set of Mario Kart 7 pullback kit figures, and each figure comes with candy in a box. They were announced a while ago, and import shops have had them listed for about a month, but we're just now seeing pictures of the full set. Expect these to release in late November. Boxes of six (presumably one of each of the figures) are about 2150-2400 yen each. Look in our import shops link to find them for pre-order.

Thanks to Genome and Koopa Troopa!

More info here.

VGMM shirts now available - highly limited!

$15 shipped to your door! Medium, Large, or XL. Inquire within this topic for one!
See how they'll arrive after break!

Bioshock Infinite Collector's Edition is a treasure trove

The long awaited Bioshock Infinite gets its own set of collectors editions.
The Premium edition:
64 page Art of Columbia Artbook
Handyman unpainted figure for Bioshock Infinite:Siege of Columbia Board Game
Lithograph for Devil's Kiss vigor by Jorge Lacera
Murder of Crows resin keychain
Digital soundtrack
Upgrades to start the game with
DLC content for PC, 360, or PS3

The Ultimate edition throws a 9.75" Songbird statue in with everything else.

See previews of everything and pre-order at the Bioshock Infinite site

More San-ei Mario plushes appear!

Not even on their site yet, but found on the Japanese Amazon site, San-ei is showing four new plushes coming out on Christmas day. At least, that's the date from the listings on Amazon. Funny enough, two of the plushes have been unofficially released (Dry Bones and Birdo) by counterfeiter types, but these are obviously higher quality.
Daisy, Dry Bones, Birdo, and a Magikoopa all have an ( S ) next to thei names in the listings, meaning they probably fall into San-ei's normal small size (around 7-9 inches). Each are ¥1,260, with Dry Bones being the only exception at ¥1,029.
Check out the translated description on Birdo:

The long-awaited character! Bullet ranks fourth in the series Super Mario Plush Doll! Mouth and big ribbon that is attached to the head of the dinosaur features. It is not a woman but actually it seems that women's appearance and behavior.

More pics after the break!

Catherine (Birdo)
Kamekku (Magikoopa)
Charon (Dry Bones)