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San-ei knows it's Kirby's birthday soon

Nintendo is releasing a 20th anniversary Kirby collection on Wii, and San-ei wants a piece of that pie. Hitting stores next month is a bevy of Kirby-themed storage items. There is one cushion in there though. Maybe it has a hidden pocket to store more stuff?

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Rockman "Rockcan" soundtrack is the first item in the Mega Man 25th Anniversary celebration

A ten disc soundtrack collection housing music from the classic Mega Man series is currently available for pre-order on Japan's Capcom store, e-Capcom. This is the first item to be released in commemoration of the 25th anniversary. Apparently it only contains the classic games and the complete works Playstation variations, but the E-tank design and a booklet may make up for it.

via Rockman Corner via e-Capcom

Multiverse brings the Mega Man love

Multiverse, creators of the Bobble Bud, have branched out their Capcom line to include our beloved Blue Bomber, and some of his friends . . . er . . . foes? Proto Man will be available at the SOTA toys booth at SDCC before retailers get them, but luckily he is not an exclusive to the show. Mega Man is just too cute for words in this set. Elec Man and Guts Man also join the motley crew, and both look great in this style.

Hit the jump for bigger pics.

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NECA roundup

First off, he Theron Elite, or Onyx Theron, action figure will be a San Francisco Comic Con exclusive, along with Auditore in Eagle Vision from Assassin's Creed. Next, a Brute Splicer from Bioshock 2 will only be available at Toys R Us. Also, Series 3 of the Gears of War action figure line is receiving four new figures that will be available in July. Marcus Fenix, a COG soldier, and two versions of the Savage Theron. Oh yeah, and then there's some dude named Gordon Freeman from some game with Head Crabs and crowbars. He might sell pretty well. He's coming in September. Thanks Mainman!

SDCC exclusive Theron
Brute Splicer
GoW Series 3

The final set of Furuta choco egg figures completes the Koopalings set

It's been a long ride, and the final set of New Super Mario Bros. Wii choco egg figures from Furuta have finally been announced. Ludwig Von Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr. join Penguin Toads, Propeller Luigi, a very regular-looking Mario, Starman, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, and a Cooligan. There is also another secret figure, which tends to be Mario, but what pose could he be in? We'll find out soon! Due out August or September this year.

Suntory presents Dragon Quest X Monster Figure Collection

A set of 16 monster figures from Dragon Quest X will be appearing on top of Pepsi Nex Zero drinks in Japan. Suntory is known for these promotions. You may remember their Mario promotion which was much larger.

via TinyCartridge via Suntory

A second set of Mario coin banks on the way

Last year, a very unique set of Mario merchandise came out and I totally geeked out about it. Media Factory must have had plenty of success, because a new set with a more retro feel has appeared, and will be shipping this August! As before, the set will have nine boxes to a case, but it does not appear that there will be a secret this time. Six styles representing every type of block in Mario's first adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom will complete the set, retro sounds included.

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Thanks Genome!

See Figma Link in Color

Wow. I don't really even need to write anything else. More pics and discussion here.

Persona merchandising kicks into full gear

Persona 4 is causing quite a stir. The Kuma figure set has nine fixed pose figures and an undisclosed secret figure. Cases of twelve start shipping in September. The magnet set has nine figures from the popular game and those come out in August this year. Pre-order both at NCSX.

Kumakore set

Chocobo celebrates 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy with plush, mug

This August, a Chocobo with cake plush and Chocobo with crystal mug will be shipping for the 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise. Pre-order yours now at NCSX.


E3 2012: The Swag Bag

The above pic represents about a fourth of the swag available at E3. Let's take a look at everything that was there after the jump. As always, if you find something not outlined here, let me know and I'll add it. There were SO many shirts, I doubt I found them all.

Nintendo lures players in with a pin badge set once again

Just like last year with their 3DS pin set that players got after trying the games, Nintendo's new Nintendoland mini-games each have a pin associated with it. Six pins in all.
-Luigi's Ghost Mansion
-The Legend of ZeldaBattle Quest
-Donkey Kong's Crash Course
-Animal Crossing Sweet Day
-Takamaru's Ninja Castle

All the games are fun to play, with DK's and Takamaru's being the toughest. They're all easy to learn and very intuitive. It was fun to collect the set.

Better pic of the set after the break.

Live at Nintendo's press conference via Twitter!

Live at the Nintendo Press Conference. Check it out on Twitter @NightramVGMM

Nightram at E3!

I'm here! Above is me at Sony's press conference. Only swag so far? A voucher for a year year of Playstation Plus. Awesome!
Look here for more news as I can post it tomorrow!

New Super Mario 3D Land figures appear on drinks in Japan

Mario is getting yet another set of figures, and same as the set of New Super Mario Bros Wii figures last year, they will be found attached to drinks in Japan. Featuring some of the best characters from Super Mario 3D Land, this set has six figures and is being promotionally distributed alongside drinks in Japan now.

Via GoNintendo

Thanks Natendo!

Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary gets a special edition set for the ages

Capcom-Unity just broke the news that a 25th Anniversary set chock full of games, videos, memorabilia, and more is on its way, followed by a tournament with half a million as a prize.
Since we're a memorabilia blog, I'll tell you that the memorabilia is Ryu-focused, with a statue and a belt being the pieces included.
Head over to Capcom-Unity to get the full details of what's in the box!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Balance Game

The early stages of New Super Mario Bros. Wii have all sorts of interesting obstacles, one of which being rotating hills. The challenge in the game is now the challenge in this toy. Epoch has players trying to keep these figures on their perches to win the game. Out in Japan this June 30th.

on Amazon Japan

Mario Gashapon Unit brings the fun of buying capsule toys to your home

Like buying gashapon? You know, those toys in capsules? Putting the coin in, getting the ball, and opening it to find out what whether you got another duplicate or completed the set? Great fun. Well, now you can bring that fun in your home with a Mario theme, thanks to Epoch. This gashapon dispenser comes with little capsules to open over and over again, and has little itty bitty Mario figures to enjoy collecting. Out the 23rd of June in Japan.

on Amazon Japan